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  1. spray2000

    Subwoofer trouble help!!

    Okay, So i'm using a kenwood subwoofer 8 inch.. And I got a new subwoofer 10 inch kicker, But it has a slit in it and it makes this popping sound and farting sound when the cone is moving back and forth. So anyways I am having the same problem on my kenwood subwoofer when I bring the volume to...
  2. S

    Kenwood 107vr receiver speaker setup

    The instructions for the above receiver say that if I only have two speakers, they should both be connected to the "A" inputs. However, the Panasonic speakers I have each have Hi/Lo, +/-, connectors, which means two split wires from each speaker. I just moved the set-up for the first time in...
  3. D

    Audio from receiver to PC

    Hello, I have a turntable connected to an old kenwood receiver to the CD input, it also has Tape, and Video (I use this one to send the computer's sound). I want to record the audio from my turntable to a DAW. My receiver also has a headphone output. My question is: Should I get an audio...
  4. P

    Using old amp as power amp in surround audio

    My Kenwood AV surround receiver needs a power amp for using two surround back speakers. Can I use my old Kenwood stereo amp KA-4002 for this purpose and if so by which connections?
  5. C

    5.1 a/v receiver to Desktop?

    Sorry im kind of new to audio equipment and was just given a Kenwood x9060 receiver and surround speakers to go with them. I have used the option of the white/red RCA to a 3.5mm Jack into the desktop and that works fine for stereo sound. I was wondering if there was a way to utilize the 5.1...
  6. C

    Problem with sound on Kenwood home stereo system

    My stereo made a loud pop one day when my husband turned it up really loud, and after that my right speaker stopped working, I just assumed it was the speaker but one day i tried hooking up the right speaker into the left port and the speaker worked perfect, so i think i has something to do with...
  7. nOm nom NOM3

    Kenwood VR-705 5.1 surround receiver sound cuts out. Also taking suggestions on a new 5.1 or 7.1 reciever

    I currently have a Kenwood VR-705 5.1 Surround Receiver. It had been going strong for I think 5-6 years for me and longer than that for my dad. recently it would randomly quit playing audio for no reason. I can get it to come back by switching it off then on again, then all is well for an...
  8. W

    Preamp connections to power amps

    Any way to connect a hafler DH 101 preamp or any preamp to a Kenwood Ka-5700 power amp with Kenwood kt-5500 receiver
  9. G

    No sound from Kenwood VR-205 - AV receiver - 5.1 channel to samsung smart 6 series tv

    I tried connecting a new Samsung LED Smart Series 6 to my old Kenwood receiver (which gives me fantastic sound) using the audio video cables but I get no sound. Is this receiver analogue? Do I need to buy an analogue to digital converter for my old Kenwood VR-205 receiver for it to work with...
  10. A

    Extremely low volume from receiver: Kenwood KVR A-50

    I'll preface this post by saying I'm not very technical, but a quick learner. I bought an older receiver, a Kenwood KVR A-50, that I've hooked up to a couple Bose 161 speakers. It used to work perfectly when set to "Tuner" (just standard FM station), with normal sound volume. Now, the sound...
  11. D

    new blu ray player hdmi hook up only

    i have a new blu ray player with hdmi only hook up want to hook my older kenwood reciver to it. Reciver does not have hdmi
  12. G

    Sharing Speakers - HT and Stereo

    I was wanting to share a pair of speakers between my Denon PMA-360 and Kenwood KRF-V5550D, but as the Kenwood doesn't have pre-outs for the front speakers and I would prefer not having to buy an amplifier switch I am thinking of getting a (second-hand and inexpensive) replacement AVR that does...
  13. H

    I just bought a used Kenwood Receiver KR820 I'm trying to connect Monster cable powerline 2, to speaker jacks. The unit has a

    I'm trying to connect Monster cable Powerline 2 to a used Kenwood KR820 receiver. The cable won't stay in the unit. Is the cable too thick? Do I have to get Jacks to attach to cable first?
  14. L

    Can I use a subwoofer with this receiver?

    I want a smaller receiver to take to college with me. I have two speakers connecter with copper cable like normal. I have a subwoofer that is connected by RCA cables. This is connected to a large, old receiver meant for a 5.1 system. Would this work with those three elements...
  15. G

    Kenwood KRF-V5550D Rec Out

    Audio into the Kenwood comes from the TV via Digital Coax to the input labelled Video 2 Monitor Coaxial. No problems with that -all sounds as it should. I now want to send the audio to another device but am having problems with this. Yesterday I connected the Video 2 Rec Out to the other device...
  16. M

    I have a Kenwood Communications Receiver

    I have a Kenwood Communications Receiver R-600 made by Trio-KENWOOD CORP in Japan. Does anyone know how to operate it or know where I can find the manuel?
  17. G

    Active or Passive Subwoofer?

    My Kenwood KRF-5550D AV Receiver has speaker terminals to the Subwoofer. Do I need an Active or Passive subwoofer?
  18. E

    old kenwood receiver hook up

    trying to hook up old kenwood receiver to bose speakers.....get static and interference/ i need to hook up a wire for antenna and also for ground? worked fine before without either
  19. G

    Connecting AV Receiver to 5.1 speaker system - Advice

    Hi all, I have Kenwood KRF V5050D and I would like it to be connected to Altec Lansing VS3251 5.1 speaker system. The problem is the speaker system takes 1 aux input or 3 auxiliary inputs for Front L/R, Rear L/R and Sub/Center. Now output of the AV Receiver are in a different way as shown in the...
  20. J

    PS3 HDMI to Sony tv. Optical out to digital receiver problem.

    I picked up a Kenwood vr 309 today. Its pretty old and only has a single optical input. My TV is a Sony kdl-46v5100. I would like to run the PS3 to the tv with HDMI then output the DTS/audio to the receiver through the television's optical out. When I do this the receiver is only getting stereo...
  21. S

    Kenwood ka-51b how to hook up to equalzer and tuner

    Need to hook up kenwood componets: ka 71b amp kt 51b tuner kx 71 rb tape deck Ge 100 equlizer I've had in...
  22. angadisachin

    Cheap desktop amp for my kenwood box speakers

    i've a pair of kenwood(bass reflex speaker system) box speakers(old music system, head unit is dead) of gud quality, though very old (100rms*2), i want to connect then to my pc, em aware that they are box speakers i.e no 3.5mm jack,,.. so plz help me out 1. to get really gud bass
  23. L

    Trio-kenwood corp japan

    Hello, want spare parts for ken wood amp model: KR-9600 power pack no. TA-200W
  24. R


    need to take off vol knob what tool do I need 9100 kenwood
  25. J

    My kenwood stereo wont read my music files on my samsung tablet

    I just bought a samsung tablet from verizon and have downloaded music on it... my kenwood stereo has a usb cable hooked up to it so i can plug in devices.. well i hooked up my samsung tablet to it and my kenwood stereo would not pick up my music files on my samsung table for some reason when i...
  26. S

    Kenwood turntable model KD-500

    How to replace wire and electrical plug 5 holes, goes into base of KD-500.
  27. A

    Speaker buzz

    I have a Sansui 9090 that causes a constant buzz in the speakers that is independent of the volume. The buzz exists even when plugged in and connected in place of a newer Kenwood that has zero buzz. Any way to stop the buzz would be appreciated...Art
  28. N

    My kenwood vrs N8100 goes in protect mode as 5 seconds after being turned on. wh

    I just got this great amp from a friend. It is a kenwood Vrs- N8100. The problem is, it goes in protect mode 5 seconds after being turned on. I am trying to find out what the problem could be. Also, is that something I can fix my self?? :whistle:
  29. M

    Remote control

    Hello,am looking for kenwood audio remote control
  30. M

    Can i hook two integrated amps together?

    Hi i have a kenwood ka-8100, and a ka-6100 i want to know if i could use them together and run my rear speakers from the ka-6100 without any issues, i have two sets of speakers and i will hook up the fronts to the ka-8100!
  31. R


  32. R

    Old Kenwood Hook up to Subwoofers

    I have an old kenwood deck and need to hook it up to my amp but there isnt any a/v cable hookup on the stereo. How do i go arround this?
  33. T


    Hello, need help with what is probably second hand knowledge for some of you seasoned audiophiles. I have a Kenwood amp (model KVT-729DVD), it has a plug for power input, I lost the plug so I am going to solder right to the pins that are there but can't figure out what pins are for what. There...
  34. G

    Speaker hookup NEED HELP

    I have a kenwood KA-87 amplifier kenwood tuner pioneer cd n tapedeck! I can't get any sound bc nothing makes sense ( wires for speakers or how to connect all 4 decks
  35. G

    Kenwood System Control Help!

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi all.. I bought a used Kenwood Tape deck and am shopping for a receiver. I want to use the receiver's remote to control the tape deck. The system control behind the tape deck shows "XS" and most new (Kenwood) receivers come with a "SL-16"...
  36. B

    Weird problem with vintage Kenwood KA-8100 integrated amp

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I just picked up a vintage Kenwood KA-8100 integrated amp (circa late 70's) in really good condition. It has an intermittent problem where the right channel will sometimes completely drop out, but then I am able to get it back by turning the...
  37. E

    win2kPro and Kenwood CDROM

    Hello All, I just installed win2kpro and now I have an issue with my Kenwood 72x CDROM. I keep getting a message in Win2k stating that I have tried to unlock this drive. Win2k thinks that the CDROM is a SCSI drive but its an IDE drive. If I use the drive the computer reboots. I am using a an...