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  1. I

    Portland CBS, doesn't come in

    Is CBS channel in Portland only available with Cable?
  2. JMcEntegart

    Burglars Caught By Pic Taken on Stolen Phone

    Technology has gotten the better of one burglar who stole an Android phone from a house in Portland, Oregon. Burglars Caught By Pic Taken on Stolen Phone : Read more
  3. G

    Comcast to Offer WiMAX

    Comcast plans on offering WiMAX service to its customers, starting in Portland, OR. The service will also be bundle friendly, allowing customers to get WiMAX with TV or phone service. Comcast to Offer WiMAX : Read more
  4. G

    Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback

    Portland (OR) - You just might see vinyl records being sold the next time you visit your favorite music store. Vinyl Records Are Making A Comeback : Read more
  5. G

    dvarchive not fetching 97124 Dish, Portland

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) I'm troublshooting a network connection bewteen my replaytv and production.replaytv.net and noticed that my copy of dvarchive is unable to get program listings from the same provider as my replay's are set to. I'm wondering if the...
  6. G

    Portland C= business for sale

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.cbm,alt.c64,rec.games.video.classic (More info?) On March 25 I was fortunate to visit Jim Scabery, who formerly ran a Commodore sales and repair business in Portland, Oregon. Along with Scott (Number 16) and Alan (MadMax) of the Amiga-Commodore User Group of...
  7. G

    Portland, OR on permanent roam?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) I just switched from ATTWS to Cingular, and with my new phone, I only had the small blue "GSM" icon showing for about half a day. But now, for several days, the phone is apparently on digital roam. Anyone else notice this? This seems...
  8. G

    G10 Ku: KGW Portland

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.mpeg-dvb (More info?) Lyngsat is listing KGW on G10 11719 mhz with a 27687 SR. I did a blind search on that frequency and got the other channels listed, but not KGW Is anyone else getting KGW? Take care, Rich God bless the USA -- Mathematical...