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    Htpc to Receiver Audio Sync Issue!

    I am having an audio sync issue while using power dvd 17 ultra in combination with the following hardware... - intel i7 6700 @ 4ghz - evga gtx 1060 6gb gpu - lg wh16ns40 blu ray drive - Yamaha rx v379 Reciever I have the htpc hooked up from hdmi on the gpu to the yamaha receiver.. And the...
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    How can I watch a 3D movie file on my PC with my Benq w1070?

    I have 3D blu rays, that's simple enough- put the 3D blu ray in my PC and start Power DVD 14, and boom- it'll be in 3D. What if I just have a 3D movie file? How can I watch it in 3D? Currently when I click on the 3D movie file, it shows a 2D image side by side, and it opens up in VLC Media...
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    720p 1080 stutters

    Hello! I use a Toshiba Satellite NB10t-A-101 and as advertised is capable of playing 1080p content...well i`ve got problems with 720p not mentioning the 1080p(not working at all).I have tried vlc with the fixes that our found here on Th still struggling and nothing works,CyberLink pdvd14 still...
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    Power DVD 10 upscale resolution?

    does power dvd 10 upscale to 1440p resolution? have a gtx680 4gig, lg blu ray player and 1440p monitor but doesnt seem to be at 1440p res...
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    Bluray issues

    I have had issues with cyberlink power dvd since i installed an LG player. Where can i find another driver for this i am fed up with this driver. Hopefully there are some freebies out there. thanx n advance.
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    Power dvd

    hey Tom.. My old power dvd cyberlink keeps stoppin right when it comes on to play. I have a second drive dual boot with the same xp and they play ok on that os.Its not all the time but its store movies that should play no problem..I did all the pre"s..all the configs but it just stoppes right at...
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    Hello, hi i am vinay, http://cdn.imghack.se/images/862cda4177588439dec528146e9588a0.jpg i am currently using power DVD 12 on my Laptop (ACER 5750g with nVidia 540M 1GB), but when i use it works slow and i checked in nvidia controller, the graphics card is not using rather power dvd is working...
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    Cyberlink Power DVD 10 Vs Apple Quicktime

    Can someone please explain to me why Apple's free Quicktime player is so much better at playing video than Cyberlink Power DVD 10? Cyberlink and other DVD players can't seem to handle having the video slider bar be dragged forward without crashing while Apple's free Quicktime player never has...
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    Power dvd 10 aspect ratio

    Hello, Can some one please tell me how to change the aspect ratio in power dvd 10 while watching a bluray disc? The menu is ghosted and I have been all through the options. Any menu option that looks like it may be relevant is also ghosted. It's chapping my cheeks to have to watch Star Trek in...
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    Power dvd not working

    Hello, i have an acer laptop with power DVD. Sound ok but no picture
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    Power dvd 7 ultra

    Will power dvd ultra or PDVD 7.3 run the latist blue rays such as 2012
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    LOW volume!!

    when i play a dvd using POWER DVD software in Dolby digital 5.1 mode how come the voices are low in volume and everything else is ok volume i.e. sound efects music whats hapening?
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    Power DVD driver problem

    Hi. I'm having trouble getting DVD's to play -- new high end system running win2k w/SP2-- gives error related to directdraw overlay(even beforesp2). Latest drivers for matrox g550. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Patrick Take Care. What the heck was that all about!