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  1. joyesmoke

    Question ASUS ROG G750J won't turn on

    Howdy guys. My English not so well, but let me imagine the situation. One of fans stop work and I open laptop. Then I short circuit this: https://ibb.co/j4XftkM When I do it I forgot to switch off laptop! After that it's won't turn on. This thing too hot when I plug AC adapter...
  2. A

    Question PLEASE. HELP ME.

    The problem: Laptop Randomly Powers Both ON and OFF , I have tried everything I have read in forums but still having this problem daily :/ laptop is : dell lattitude E6230 I have run bios diognostics nothing hardware or else flags I have FULLY reinstalled Windows 10 , I want to just write...
  3. S

    I've got a Samsung which i can't get to turn on.

    I've got a Samsung which i can't get to turn on. I'm aware that the lcd is not working which I am going to replace provided I can get it to turn on. I have the laptop plugged directly into the wall with the charging cable, the green light is lit up on the charger box, and a power supply light...
  4. V

    need solution on turnon/off problem

    Hey guys, my laptop is not turning on if charger is disconnected so I thought it's battery problem then I changed the battery but still if I disconnect the charger suddenly it goes off. it is sony vaio VPCEH25EN.. it'll be greatfull if anyone gives some solution. and due to the same problem...
  5. A

    Toshiba Satellite S Series laptop with Win 7 Pro won't stay off after Windows shut down

    Few nights ago I realized tht even when my lid was closed the laptop is still running and not in sleep condition as it supposed to be. I can turn off the laptop with the power button while it is on just to have the windows recovery screen to pop up during boot process. If I close the lid or...
  6. C

    Elitebook 8560p power problem

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with Elitebook 8560p - WX788AV. Laptop randomly loses power and just shuts down completely in the middle of work. Same thing happens when it's running on AC power, or with just the battery inserted. It also turns itself on and off repeatedly although I shut it...