Jan 18, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Elitebook 8560p - WX788AV. Laptop randomly loses power and just shuts down completely in the middle of work. Same thing happens when it's running on AC power, or with just the battery inserted.
It also turns itself on and off repeatedly although I shut it down (it's not on hibernate/sleep mode). At the startup, screen turns on and after few seconds laptop restarts or turns off completely. I have to turn if off manually, either by holding the power button or unplugging the power connector. After that it boots normally. It's not overheating as I keep it unplugged overnight and in the morning when I plug it in, it just turn on by itself (without pressing the power button) and the on/off cycle continues. Unless I unplug it, hold the power button for apx. 30 secs, plug it back in and even then sometimes it won't boot in OS.

I took it to repair service where they replaced power connector and CPQ SP-CABLE KIT. They tested it and said it should be alright but the problem persist.


Thank you!


Apr 25, 2016
Hi coconutZzZ ,

Just want to find out if you found a resolution for this issue. I too have the same issue.
Someone told me to remove all the keyboard cable and attach a battery then turn it on. Then turn it off.

Attach all the keyboard ribbon cables and it should be fine. I solve the issue for a day then it started again.

Hoping you found a cure for this pretty decent notebook