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  1. I

    Solved! Getting error 502 Bad Gateway, is it proxy or website itself

    I've been connecting to a website through someone's proxy server, he just provided me a link to the website through his proxy. Recently I've been getting "502 Bad Gateway". Does that mean that he closed his proxy or something and is it possible that it's not related to that but the website...
  2. H

    Solved! Laptop is connected to the wifi but no website can be loaded in any browser. It says "there is something wrong with the proxy

    Laptop is connected but no web page can be loaded in any browser. It says "there is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect." Can any one pls help me solve this problem? That will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Kindly, Hugo Lemos
  3. P

    Instagram blocked. Any tips?

    My Instagram account got blocked for whatever reason. Currently, I'm trying to figure out for what reasons did this happen. Any ideas? I managed to find a couple of options to try to unblock it: [link removed] Has anyone had this issue? Any advise on what worked?
  4. kooper89

    Proxy or VPN?

    Last week my Instagram account got blocked. It took me a good few hours today to find out what could be a cause of that. I managed to find a couple of options to try to unblock it, <Removed by Moderator> . Has anyone had this issue? Any advice on what worked?
  5. C

    pc changing locations

    so i live in the philippines and i was watching netflix, as some of you know the titles on netflix ph is limited compared to the titles in other countries, so i got up because somebody called me and when i returned i saw that the show that i was watching wasnt playing anymore and when i clicked...
  6. A

    Help needed in stopping "avast remediation" aka wsc_proxy

    Hello there, as title says I need to stop this service from executing. It started to appear after I stopped windows updates, since i'm on limited data every month. Any idea? Thanks in advance for help
  7. N

    the proxy settings can't access any websites

    why every time changing the proxy settings can't access any websites? and the internet wireless seems to be off or not connected?
  8. L

    Possible Fire TV VPN solution found? Privacy Hero. Thoughts Please

    Hey guys its been a little while since I last posted but I've been looking for VPN solutions for FireTV and I found one and I have been playing around with it and I am really impressed so far. It is called Privacy Hero. I don't understand much about the tech but it has worked pretty well. I have...
  9. X

    No Internet until restart

    Hello techies, Some of our win 10 computers are not getting connected to the internet until we restart it. even though its working if i changed proxy settings from automatic to manual. note:most of the computers are working well with auto proxy settings.
  10. M

    force a computer to navigate through a software proxy

    Hi all, I installed a small proxy sw (ccProxy) on my child's pc. so I can block some sites using wildcards. I would like to know if it is possible to force the computer to use this proxy to navigate: infact if i uncheck the proxy from the browser settings, I can browse anyway ... I thought...
  11. K

    My laptop can't connect to the internet completely, no matter what browser I use

    I have problems with my proxy settings
  12. V

    unable to connect to proxy server

    I tried the steps mentioned earlier but in my laptop after opening proxy settings under connection tab my LAN SETTING button is disabled . I cant click it.So i cant proceed forward. pls help. I even tried ding the same in safe mode but problem still exists.
  13. S

    I cant click on “LAN settings” button. Its un clickable. What do i do?

    I opened settings on browser, then change proxy settings, and then i saw that I couldn’t click on LAN settings, because its un clickable. Help me please!
  14. M

    LAN setting are not working

    In change proxy setting LAN are not allow to change itself So what can I do plz give fast suggestions.......................... .......... ............................................................ ............................................................
  15. C

    Connected but still can't find proxy,,?

    New router. Phones up. How the proxy is found? Do I need to change the password here too? It found my new router,
  16. T

    err_proxy_connection_failed on windows 10 and LAN unchecked

    Hi, I have the “err_proxy_connection_failed” on windows 10. It started with Chrome so I did check the LAN-settings and the box is not marked. Firefox and Seamonkey is working but the rest I get a proxy error from. I have used Malwarebytes, Minitoolbox and CCleaner but there is no malware or any...
  17. U

    Manual proxy settings getting turned ON again and again

    For this problem please see below video: To Safe Mode restart for windows 10 see below video:
  18. L

    I unable to change in lan connection in my laptop

    Please help me to fix proxy server settings
  19. O

    Proxy Virus help

    I apologize first if this has been posted but I have not been able to find any answers that help. Yesterday I found out i had a proxy server error. It automatically checks the use a proxy server under lan settings on windows ten. I have deleted it under advanced clicked ok and ok and as soon...
  20. tjones9163

    VPN and Proxy?

    Hello, I currently have NordVPN and I also know how to use a proxy server in google chrome from a website like which lets me choose different proxy servers in the U.S. I get how both VPN and Proxy work individually but can I stack them together and...
  21. 1

    Proxy server lan problem

    Hi. I stay at residence at my university and we use a lan cable which supports a proxy server. After my laptop updated , after I open up any browser its asks for my authentication as usual and the internet works for about 5 minutes before it stops completely and says "this site cant be reached"...
  22. M

    trouble connecting to proxy

    hello im trying to connect to a proxy but i keep getting this error message: your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (web proxy) is not responding Please help how do i fix this? EDIT: I already scanned my pc for any viruses with malwarebytes multiple times...
  23. H

    how fix proxy and fire wall

    I cant connet to google chrome and youtube
  24. T

    I am not able to browse through Google Chrome even I unclick proxy use in lan settings

    Not able to connect to internet even I unclick all proxy use settings and also restore advance settings in advanced tab in internet options. When I run windows diagnosis it shows that your device is not compatible with the connection. What should I do?
  25. B

    5.1 version Android

    I keep getting an error when trying to use chrome on my 5.1 version Android phone. Says There is something wrong with the proxy server. Then It says err proxy connection failed
  26. A

    Manual proxy settings getting turned ON again and again

    Hello people, I am facing issues from a month in my system. It currently operating on windows 10. Under network and internet services the proxy server is getting turned on again and again on its own. The proxy server which it is using is http=;https= Due to this I...
  27. M

    Proxy Detection Software

    I'm building a domain in my vo-tech school for the class, and the teacher would like to know whenever someone attempts to use a proxy. Does anyone know of a good software that will detect when a proxy is being used and send an alert?
  28. H

    Hulu stopped working on Samsung Smart Tv using proxy

    I have Samsung Smart TV UE50F6770 and I've been watching Hulu through proxy ( for few years. Few day's ago Hulu stopped working. I can open the app, browse but if I try to watch something it will not load. I've tried resetting smart hub and factory setting. Nothing works. Hulu will...
  29. I

    Did my computer get a virus?

    My younger sister has been messing around on my old laptop which is an HP and has Windows 10 I believe. My Mac broke down and I need to finish up some homework for class so I went to use the laptop but it's says "can't connect to the proxy server" i already checked in my control panel and proxy...
  30. G

    my new Galaxy s6 has a lot of Chimera Modules.. should I be concerned?

    What are Chimera Modules used for? my new Galaxy s6 has a lot of modules listed including auth.api.proxy
  31. G

    VPN configuration/settings based on connection type

    Hello folks, how are you all today ? I do not exactly have a definitive way to ask this question, but I am dead sure that you will figure it out. So without further due here it is: Our internet connection is an Institute connection that is on a 1gigabit network. But it has proxy servers through...
  32. C

    what do I type in in the "use manual proxy server settings"?

    I'm using the Nokia Recovery Tool and it won't connect to a network, can someone please help me to retrieve the information I need for it to connect?
  33. E

    I can't access the Internet using a proxy add on

    Hi guys I've got a problem where I cannot access the Internet at all whilst using any proxy add on (the two I have tried are zenmate and browsec). This is the same whether I use chrome Firefox or IE. The error in chrome is something to do with unable to connect to the proxy server. Whilst...
  34. H

    Google Chrome can't connect to proxy server

    i need help i dont have a proxy server and i thinks i do will u help please before i cry my face off. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!
  35. A

    Chrome Problem on my computer

    My Chrome says it needs a username and a password to connect to a proxy but i have the proxy removed and I cant uninstall my chrome.
  36. M

    Facebook videos loads faster on a proxy

    My facebook videos loads faster on a proxy. isnt that supposed to be the other way round? anyways to resolve this?
  37. J

    "Unable to connect to the proxy server" when I NEED TO

    Recently I had to bring my laptop with these specs: Acer V3-575G-52GY Intel Core i5 6200U 2.3 GHz NVidia GeForce 940M 4 GB 8 GB RAM 1 TB HDD to school, which used a proxy server. Unfortunately, I cannot connect to the proxy server when I NEEDED TO. I've looked for forums already about this...
  38. W

    How do i fix, chrome and IE saying that it can't connect to the proxy server?

    Chrome and IE is saying that it can't connect to the proxy server. I tried turning the LAN thing in, chrome of, but it is still saying it.
  39. V

    Google Chrome Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED

    I can use any other browsers (Edge,IE,Firefox,ect). I noticed some weird things happening before it gave me that error. Twitch streams wouldn't display video one day, and a week later it gave me the proxy error. This has been going on for about a month now. I used a VPN see if that made a...
  40. V

    can't work this way

    iam try your suggestions.but can't work.please suggest another way to solve proxy server issue
  41. A

    google chorme is not working

    after checking for malware and canging proxy setting then also google chrome is not woring nd showing message "unable to connect to proxy server err_proxy_connection_failed"
  42. T

    proxy server problem

    my computer is connected to the internet or broadband i dont know if theyre different but it says i have good signal but when i pull up microsoft edge or waterfox it gives me the same error page. cannot connect to proxy server make sure your proxy server setting are correct. its all along those...
  43. O

    Proxy and Security

    So I'm having that "unable to connect to the proxy server" problem. I found the solution which is going to setting in Google chrome then under network change proxy settings, then unclick "Use a Proxy server...." And it worked I could use the internet. Now I've seen that proxy servers keep you...
  44. A

    how to open facebook with proxy sites

    we are connected to server in which it contains a policy which blocks facebook whats the solution to open facebook
  45. S

    internet says I can't connect to proxy server even though I don't use one

    So today I log on to my PC and find out that chrome or internet explorer say they can't connect to the proxy server. I try to go to change this to find out I'm not using one at all. I try turn it on, using safe mode, resetting the internet settings. I also did a full scan with macafee and...
  46. R

    Spyware/Virus created proxy connection?

    My laptop was slow and my avira was not updating, so ran malwarebytes in safe mode w/ networking. It found "spyware.password" malware and i removed it. then ran kasperky virus removal tool and 0 malware resulted in normal mode. But my internet connection is slow and several sites are not...
  47. P

    what does proxy setting mean?

    what does proxy settings mean
  48. S

    proxy server error

    when I click on the internet explorer icon it comes up with a message about my proxy server..but when i click on chrome i can access the internet...i use wifi ..does anyone know why i can't get online with the internet button
  49. E

    ERR_Proxy_CONNECTION_FAILED - NOD Security 8.0 control on all windows

    hi, I got new computer [i7 4790K, GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5, Samsung EVO 840 500GB] installed Win 7 64b, till now all working perfectly. i installed NOD Security 8, and all my troubles start - the anti virus change LAN/Proxy settings and disable the option to change any settings there, Anyone have...
  50. B

    Will using a browser proxy like defend against drive-by downloads?

    I wanted to go on some sites by im usually scared of drive-by downloads and getting infected.
  51. A

    Unable to connect to proxy server

    Today morning, internet worked fine. Suddenly in evening whenever I open IE, it says "Unable to connect to proxy server". I found the LAN settings not useful because the boxes are always unchecked I've even checked the firewall. But it is not doing so. Internet is connected and when hotspot...
  52. J

    no proxy sever

    How can I get a proxy server if I dont have the internet?proxy server was deleted LAN settings do not help,thx
  53. B

    Difficulty in signing up

    I am trying to sign up on a website, but when I type in my email address I get a message that says: "Registration is not available through proxy servers." If I can't use my email address, then what do I do? Will appreciate any advice, thank you. EMAIL REDACTED - SS
  54. julian23561

    How to use a proxy server and be able to browse the web?

    Hey guys, So, I wanted to use a proxy server on chrome but unfortunately, everytime I set it to use a proxy connection, I can't browse the web, but I can still use other programs though like Nexus Mod manager, GoG downloader and JDownloader, but then those programs lose function when I disable...
  55. S

    Laptop turns on, goes black before login, and you can see the mouse

    So today I downloaded an art program. Along with the program, other files and programs were downloaded as well (not very smart of me, I know). I deleted all (I think) of the programs and files and went to open google chrome to find an error saying "unable to connect to the proxy server". I...

    Reliable VPN/Proxy Service

    I am looking for a reliable site, program or an addon for using specific proxy servers. Any recommendations? Something mal-bloatware free please. I don't mind a one-time payment but would prefer staying away from subscriptions.
  57. V

    google chrome proxy problem

    in my laptop i cant google it ,it appearing as the unable to connect proxy server plzzz give me the solution
  58. R

    how do i change proxy settings

    i am having trouble because my chrome is blocked by the proxy setting/service. i have no idea how to change this.
  59. L

    change/delete proxy selection

    I cannot delete proxy setting for either chrome or IE. Have followed help directions many many times.
  60. N

    I can't get on Chrome or I.E, it says my proxy server cannot connect!?

    I have an HP All in One, and as Admin I can get on with Chrome or IE, but my husband goes to his desk top and when he tries to get on Chrome it says the Proxy Server cannot connect??? How can it connect for me but not for him?