Possible Fire TV VPN solution found? Privacy Hero. Thoughts Please


Mar 19, 2018
Hey guys its been a little while since I last posted but I've been looking for VPN solutions for FireTV and I found one and I have been playing around with it and I am really impressed so far. It is called Privacy Hero. I don't understand much about the tech but it has worked pretty well. I have been on the trial for 5 days now and I am able to access netflix content from US, UK which is great. Best part is there was practically no setup I installed it and chose which country I wanted and that was it. Netflix didnt detect that I was using a VPN.

Does anyone have experience with Privacy Hero? I think it is good and I will subscribe after the trial and will keep the tread posted. The link to their website is privacyhero.com/fire if you wanted to check it out.

I am happy so far it is really easy to use and it is also affordable. Would still love input.

Any thoughts on good vpns for streaming usecase? I am not married to this one yet but I am liking it.


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