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  1. simptive

    Solved! USB Speakers working on PC but not on Charger

    I've bought Bluetooth speakers having 3.5mm jack. Recommend power supply is USB. Works with jack only if both Jack and USB connected to PC. If USB is connected to adapter (tried many), one of the stereo channel is replaced by noise. However Bluetooth input works fine in this case. Can you spot...
  2. J

    Is downclocking my gpu safe for a low wattage psu?

    I recently got a swap card from 1070 to a 2070 super, the 2070 says it needs 650w and I only have a 330w psu. I'm not able to upgrade currently so I was wondering if lowering the power consumption for on msi afterburner will be safe for my pc until I can upgrade. If so, what is a good percentage...
  3. R

    Should I consider getting a new laptop next year?

    I have a 2014 Samsung ATIV Book 8, and it has a Core i7 4720hq 4710hq processor, GT 750m, 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR3L ram, and a 1080p screen. The laptop has great specs, but the problem is the damage caused to the laptop. My laptop currently has many scratches, and it is missing a few keys. Also, the...
  4. dfk

    wierd problem, Asus G751JT randomly reboots to BIOS

    hi, I have a Asus G751JT, sometimes like once or twice a month it will reboot randomly in the middle of idling or anything and go to the BIOS. I checked the system was not overheating (it was idling). Any ideas what is causing this? I'm on Windows 10. Thanks.
  5. T

    Need help ASAP. Beast external GPU connected - Black screen

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I am in need with your help. I have purchased the item down below for my HP Pavilion Dv6 4023-tx laptop. I have followed the manual and connected all the parts probably...
  6. J

    Laptop Dock Wrong Power Supply

    I'm using a HP 2012 Standard laptop dock with my Probook 6560b however the power supply unit I have for the dock is not the correct one. It should take a 19.5v 90w input but all I have is a 19.5v 120w unit. Will this be safe to use / cause any damage. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated...
  7. N

    250W RMS Sub / 150W into 4 ohms Amp - Which PSU wattage should I pick?

    I'm going to connect a 250W RMS subwoofer to a 150W into 4 ohms Amplifier. I want to connect the amplifier to a computer, so I will need another power supply to do that. - Should I look at the wattage of the amp or the subwoofer when buying a PSU? - Can I connect a let's say 300W PSU to a 150W...
  8. ccoo84

    text to speech software for windows 7

    Hi I am use to using the right click text to speech option in Apple OS for reading web pages and other stuff of that nature and I am trying to find a way to do it in windows with the same ease. Is there a way to be able to highlight text in articals and just listen to them instead of having to...
  9. M

    4pin DC power jack on viao diagram and electronics learning.

    I just got my first voltmeter and i have a laptop i would like to learn how to use my voltmeter and fix something with it. I have an old sony vaio sve15115fxe motherboard: if you look at the bottom in the middle is a white 4 pin( 2 red on bottom from that orientation then 2 black) DC jack...
  10. G

    Why is my laptop PSU makes strange straching electric noises?

    Hi everyone I noticed some days ago that a craking/scratching sound is coming from my laptop power supply. I had no idea what makes this sound until I moved the PSU and I heard that it's coming from it. Also it is very hot. I don't know if it's normal but my laptop is 4 years old and the battery...
  11. N

    Could I put an A8-3550MX into an Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb653? (switch 35w cpu with 45w one)

    Basically, I know that this APU is NOT soldered to the motherboard of this laptop (don't post that whole "laptop parts are soldered to the mobo, buy a desktop" BS, I have a custom gaming desktop and I know how to swap out the parts on both desktop and laptops). I would like to upgrade to an A8...
  12. MANUPRATHAPvanamali

    help me to choose a 5.1 surround sysytem

    I wanna buy a low budget 5.1 suggest me one under 6000Rs(100$) PLz. mobo= asus m2a mx(5 yr old) plan to use it for watching movies(i wanna watch 300 and gladiator and other war and action flicks with max effect i can get from a low budget 5.1 ) PSU=mercury 400w,model CKP-3400