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    Question Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH Slow Performance Trouble

    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH, i7-2675QM @2.2GHz, 8GB RAM. System in great condition, largely unused over last several years. Several years ago this laptop began giving me trouble by randomly freezing, so it went into storage. Tried at one point to clean it and found some possibly-related issues...
  2. A

    Solved! CMD opening and closing

    I did a driver update with slim drivers and installed some new ones and updated some others. I now have Intel Rapid Storage and I dont know if that is causing this issue. Every now and then i get tabbed out of what im doing and a cmd panel is there and immediately closes. It has text on it but i...
  3. S

    Dell Inspiron13 stuck in POST loop

    Recent upgrade to INTEL RAPID STORAGE TECHNOLOGY DRIVER and it tanked my Dell Inspiron 13 . Now it gets to the Dell splash screen and 30 seconds later it reboots to the splash screen and under that it says "PREPARING AUTOMATIC Repair- after that it waits 20 - 30 seconds and reboots to the Dell...
  4. K

    Enabling SSD Cache Drive

    Hello, Recently, I upgraded the RAM of my Asus S551 and saw a SSD drive. I checked the disk management and saw that it has around 24GB of space. I read that this SSD drive is used as a drive cache, but I can't get the Intel Rapid Storage driver on the Asus website to work for windows 10...
  5. B

    Help me with Dell drivers for Windows 7

    Hi, have vostro 3750, and I wanna know what drivers I should install, and what to avoid. I installed almost all recommended drivers: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/vostro-3750/drivers?os=w764 Don't install: Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver, free fall...
  6. Mason Methot

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology won't go away!

    On my new computer, with an Asus motherboard, I got the disk to install drivers and software and blah blah blah. One think I accidentally installed was IRST, Every time I turn on my PC I get these pop up notifications right smack in the middle of the screen (at least 4 of them) saying...
  7. Y

    How To disable expresscache?

    intel rapid storage technology and windows say 'your ssd is broken.'I want to know how to deactivate ssd i cant disassemble my laptop :( Note:I have lenovo y500
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    Intel rapid storage technology causing BSoD

    If anyone could help me solve this problem I'd greatly appreciate it! As of Wednesday evening (now Friday norning) I am constantly getting BSoD (be screen of death). My laptop had done a few windows updates and it has been crashing ever since. According to nirsoft bluescreenview, the crashes...
  9. CmdrJeffSinclair

    1TB Samsung EVO 850 PRO's RAPID

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into a Samsung EVO 850 PRO and I was confused about the advertised performance of 550MB/s and the software tech called RAPID and Magician which come with the drive. Typically I hate all software that aren't a game or Microsoft product, but this peaked my interest. What...
  10. K

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

    I recently installed a new hard drive in my laptop. I used Toshiba factory bought recovery disks. When I turned it on, I was unable to connect to the internet, windows updater won't work and windows troubleshooter won't work. I did some research and it all seems to be connected to this driver...
  11. 9

    Fresh reinstall of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software on Windows 7

    Hi community. :hello: How can I reinstall Intel Rapid Storage Technology software (version for Windows 7 x64? The full story: Something has gone terribly wrong with the update from a previous version. My computer freezes while the update process was active, I had to turn the...
  12. deepanshumunjal

    bitdefender 2013 total security

    i am using bitdefender 2013 total security trial. It has detected threats which are clean such as Intel Rapid Storage .exe files and graphics drivers. I searched detected files in "Events" but i can not do anything to tell bitdefender that it is clean . What to do?? I also went to "quarantine"...
  13. L

    Intel Rapid Storage Tech runs at startup?

    Ok, so I recently reinstalled Windows, and installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology (for AHCI). After doing this, the startup item IAStorIcon.exe has been added (which is for Rapid Storage Tech). Also, the Intel Rapid Storage Tech service has been added, and is set to Automatic. My question is-...