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    How to connect an old Samsung Analog 8mm Camcorder (CCD-TR96) to a Samsung LED TV to play home videos?

    Hi all! So I have tons of old home videos that I’m trying to show my boyfriend who’s visiting. I have a Sony Handycam, Model CCS-TR96 that was probably purchased circa 1990 (ancient, I know). I used to watch the videos by hooking up the camera to the TV easily, but that was at least 5-6 year...
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    Can I use my laptop as "speakers" to play sound for my Playstation 3?

    I haven't bought these items yet, but I will very soon so I wish to get the best advice. I'm intending on using a computer monitor to display my games. I have the visual part in check already, using a HDMI male to DVI male cable, that s fine and dandy. Sound however, may be a hassle...or at...