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  1. nachicocce

    Solved! SSD becomes read-only, no Admin access

    Product: MSI GP63 Leopard After leaving my laptop overnight, I woke up on it already on the BIOS. While the BIOS is still in factory setting, changing the SATA Mode from AHCI to RST Intel Premium allows me to boot windows. However, as the title says, my ssd becomes read only, and have no...
  2. J

    Remove write-protected audio files from my device

    Can't change the name of the file as it is not allowed by library Overdrive application. Read-only box in Properties of the file is grayed-out. Cannot transfer files from the device since the book lending period has expired. This is the only time in many years I've experienced this problem--all...
  3. R

    The files copied from PC to tablet become read only

    i have samsung tab 2007. while I copy word files and excel files from PC to tab, they become read only. There are a lot of files to be copied to tab
  4. A

    hdd and tv

    i have a tv with 2 usb port, but is able to read only my old hdd verbatim, the newest hdd samsung (i'm sure is 3.0) doesn't work. Do you know if a cable can resolve it? any other cheap solutions? thanks
  5. D

    Is this true?

    I heared that if i have a vm and make a shared folder to read-only,viryses can't escape the guest that easily anymore...should i belive it because i just want to experiment with viruses on a vm.Also please tell me other things to keep in mind when doing this.Thanks.
  6. I

    Malware is blocking Anti-Virus and is making Temp folder Read-Only?

    I believe malware as an .iso acted like a disc and used "AutoPlay" to run itself. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes scans will not start and my Temp folder is locked to read-only so no programs will install.
  7. P

    SD Card Access

    After saving files to my SD card the files already saved there have switched to 'read-only'. How can I change the access rights?
  8. M

    My Desire 510 SD card problems.

    My Desire 510 SD 30Gig card is invisible to my phone. The mount card function does nothing. It is "read only" to my computer. Neither one can format the card. The computer can copy files off the card, but cannot delete, rename, or move. Is this, perhaps, because I failed to have the phone...
  9. R

    i have samsung 16 gb 10 class sd card.i can't format it.when i am format it after sometime the files are automatically restore

    i was trouble with my micro sd can't formated. it's shown that read only. how can i format it?
  10. C

    Chrome Freezing Computer

    I have found that chrome causes my computer to freeze and i don't know what it is. I will be browsing and the computer will start to hang and in task manager it shows performance of everything is normal except for disk, I have an ssd and the read/write speeds are 0, but the disk is using 100%...
  11. G

    Open files

    Hello, i applied read only to a main folder,and all sub folders,i then transfered it to a expansion drive,now i cant open copy cut the files,error message is i dont have access privilege
  12. R

    Asus configeration read onley

    how do i get it out of read only
  13. L

    Help for read-only files and how to change them

    hi i bought 1gb but it cant format it ...
  14. exfileme

    Google Wave Still Alive, Just in Read-Only Mode

    Sorry, Google Wave. We honestly thought you were dead all this time. Google Wave Still Alive, Just in Read-Only Mode : Read more
  15. O

    How to use read me only for pictures

    I am taking pictures for a cheer team and want to sent the pics I take in "read only" so they can't print them. How do I do this??? Thanks,
  16. H

    Solved! Moving a read-only-file to usb

    Hello, i have downloaded/copied quite a few read-only documents to my laptop; now i want to move these files to my new laptop, or at least save them on a CD-RW or USB; when i tried to do it, only the shortcut was moved, not the contents; so what shud i do to move the content too? hasan
  17. J

    Sd mini card read only

    How do you make a sd mini card NOT READ ONLY? Please do not tell me to use an adapter. Yes the adapter has an unlock switch on it but once the mini is taken out of adapter it is READ ONLY
  18. O

    How to write to an sd card

    How do I write photos to an sd card? Is the sd slot on my thinkpad read only?
  19. G

    What is rrr file?

    Hello,well, i asked one question...and i have another - i accidentally put read only and hidden on all files... and i want to reverse the curse... help, pls!
  20. G

    How to change read only files on SD cards

    Hello, im having problems with my SD card that was in my phone im trying to load it on my computer using the Sandisk adaptor but it says inorder for me to open the disk i have to format it. When i tried to do that it told me it couldnt be done and to change the read only i have...
  21. A

    Need Help

    I recently removed 36 viruses from my mothers computer. Over 600 Spyware as well. I know right? :o Anyway.... one of the viruses has marked HUNDREDS of files as "Read Only" and she cannot edit them and then save them. It's also prevented her from playing her "games" like solitaire. When you...
  22. JMcEntegart

    PAN Makes Facebook ''Read-Only'' With New Tool

    Other than obliterating productivity, Facebook represents a substantial security risk in the corporate world. However, it's also becoming a powerful marketing tool. So, how do you leverage Facebook without opening the company up to all kinds of malware? PAN Makes Facebook ''Read-Only'' With New...
  23. S

    Moving MS money files to a new computer

    Hello, My computer crashed and I am in the process of moving everything to a new one. I have MS Money 2004 & can not get the .mny file off of my old computer. When I burn it to a disc it becomes a read only file, and somehow all usb ports have become unusable. The file is too large to email...
  24. M

    How to change read only files on windows 7

    Hello, I had Sweex MP303 Clipz Gold Player when i connected to PC through USB It is asking to format when i press ok Then it is giving message like " Windows Can't Format F Drive Check to see that disk and drive are connected properly make sure that the disk is not read only and then Try Again...
  25. A

    I cant do any thing in office 2007 word.. help me

    Hello i have a problem in my office 2007.. it wont work properly. it just open the document as read only.. i cant do any thing, i cant edit or add any thing.. i tried to fix the problem by installin new copy of MS office but nothing chage so far, and i changed my operating system form vista to...