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    5.1 Only works for one speaker

    I set up the 5.1 speakers. I downloaded the Realtek driver from their website and change the configure settings to accommodate a 5.1 and I changed then through the configure on winodws. If I click on each speaker in either interface a sound comes out but if I play a song on the computer sound...
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    NEW Sennheiser Game Zero - Extremely low microphone volume

    Hello, Well, as the title says, my microphone in my new sennheisers is super low, like people can hardly hear me. I've put maximum microphone volume in windows, and maximum boost, however it is still extremely low. I've found this on the internet ( however I can't even...
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    HELP! PC to Receiver and TV (sound problem)

    Hi guys, please help me find out what is wrong with my surround sound set up for my PC->Receiver. I used to sounds coming from front/center/rear/sub with this set up and not sure what happened and now I would only get sounds coming from front/center/sub, nothing is coming out from the rear...
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    Realtek detects speakers but no sound

    Please help me to solve this problem...Realtek detects my speakers but there isn't any sound on Windows 7. I give my dates Cpu: Amd Sempron 145 Mother: Asus M5A78L-M LX3 Memory: 8Gb 1333mhz OS: Windows 7 Professional X64 Solutions I tried 1)Re-installing the Realtek HD audio drivers 2)Plugging...