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  1. F

    combining audio and video from 2 different sources

    My PC has the RealTek, 7.1 audio system via the motherboard. The video source for my monitors comes via a GTX 660-Ti graphics card. I plan to use this system as part of a home theater that I've just built (and all the cables are already buried in the walls, and were done so after being assured...
  2. D

    Solved! Low mic Volume with Realtek HD Audio

    Hi guys I have had this problem for over a year now but hasnt bothered me much. My microphone volume is extremely low and is barely audible while my audio (music,games) are perfectly fine. It started bothering me as my friends on teamspeak can barely hear me when speaking. I sat hours yesterday...
  3. T

    Headphone mic is not working.

    Its plugged in and unmuted. the driver is enabled and i have the Realtek audio manager detecting it Im using discord to test it and the mic sensitivity is as low (high) as it can go. Any ideas?
  4. X

    Solved! 5.1 Works in tests but not in actual use?

    5.1 works perfectly in the Realtek test,and in other test on the internet,but when i go to playing games,nothing just working.I tried with those games : League of Legends,Battelfield 1 Why isnt it working?only my 2 front speaker works
  5. Regularjake55

    Windows 10 problem with Audio levels and quality.

    I have a win10 computer and I use winamp with no EQ. I have noticed that my audio is fairly quiet (about how you think it would sound at around 60% when set at 100% volume.) and that when I bring the vol up to 100% it also has a weird distortion in the bass even tho it doesn't even sound that...
  6. M

    Media test failure

    I install new window 7. And when start I got this massage This product covered by 1 or more patents: US5, 307, 459, US5, 434, 872, ETC. Real tek PCIe GBE family controller series v2.44 (10/7/11) PXE-E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE, CHECK CABLE PXE-MOF: EXITING PXE ROM. REBOOT AND SELECT...
  7. C

    Rear left speaker not working in 5.1 surround through receiver (windows 10)

    Hi, I recently set up my surround sound and connected my receiver to my PC with a Toslink optical cable outputting through S/PDIF. I have been able to activate Dolby Digital Live 5.1 in Windows 10 however whenever I do tests the rear left speaker does not work. I use a surround sound test .ac3...
  8. Aarix

    7.1 Speakers not working (out of ideas)

    Ok, I use Realtek HD Audio manager, the sound test in that and in the configurations of windows work perfectly. The speaker icon is set to default and sound only works through the front two speakers, Rebooting did nothing. It's all hooked up right, Black on side, Orange on center and green on...
  9. T

    No 5.1 surround on headset

    I have my realtek setup on 5.1 with my speakers which works fine. Left, right, center, sub all working. When I plug in my headset into my speakers it only plays left and right. It used to work but after reinstalling windows 10 and all the drivers for my mobo my headset no longer plays surround...
  10. J

    All my microphones have static

    I have had two different headsets on my current PC. The first was some random off brand one I don't know the name to, and my current one is a HyperX Cloud Core. Both of the microphones have very loud static when I record with them. I have been to many forums and have tried to mess around with...
  11. S

    No Audio Output Devices enables

    I was trying to get my plantronics headphones to work but it kept defaulting to the Realtek computer speakers. I disabled them in hopes that would help, but now I have no playback devices enabled. Clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner only brings up a troubleshooting page...
  12. S

    After Windows 10 Update, Realtek HD is no longer recognizing headphones

    Hi, I'm having the following issue: After the latest forced Windows 10 update my laptop (ASUS G551JW) is only outputting sound through the speakers--when I plug in my headphones (any headphones), the Realtek HD Audiomanager pops up, asks me, if I plugged in headphones, and after confirming...
  13. O

    Realtek HD Audio manager problems.

    Hello there, I have an ASUS Rog gaming laptop that has a single mic/headphone adapter. I have my razer kraken pro headset that has the single 3.5mm male plug with the correct number if lines. The problem I am having is the only way to use the headsets mic is to set realtek hd audio manager...
  14. S

    All PC sounds are playing through my headset mic.

    Windows 10, latest possible Realtek drivers, Logitech G430 headset. My Lenovo Ideapad 150-ISK has only one port on it - a headSET port. In theory, it will support mic and audio from a splitter. I'm doing this, and am using a recommended splitter, with no damage to the port or cord. Pink in mic...
  15. TrackmaniaFan

    Solved! Realtek HD Audio Manager nerfs my audio drivers

    I finally got my new, custom-built PC functioning, though there are some things I still need to work out. I have my gaming headset plugged into the computer, but noticed that it sounded... flat. No bass, no treble, just completely flat-- what I needed was an equalizer, which was not there in my...
  16. D

    realtek wont open.

    just upgraded my motherboard/ ram / and CPU. motherboard - msi Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON CPU - intel i7=6700k GPU - nvidia gtx 1070 everything seems to be fine but my senhiser gaming one headset mic sounds like it has some sort of background noise blocking setting on making it sound very bad so i...
  17. P

    Gigabyte P57Xv6 - Realtek HD Audio Manager Doesn't Switch Between Audio Devices

    Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with a newish Gigabyte laptop. It is running Windows 10, and the audio driver is the latest available from Realtek. The setup: This laptop has three...
  18. E

    Realtek HD Audio Speakers Not Working

    My Realtek High-Definition Audio Speakers won't play sound. They are not muted, so that is not the problem. I've tried everything: rebooting my PC multiple times, uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver, updating the audio driver, disabling and re-enabling the audio device, muting and...
  19. M

    problem with sound card

    so i have a windows xp computer, service pack 3, i got directx 9 and i have a sound card inside my central unit, inside my computer, so a guy who fixes computer installed a software called Realtek, it's for the audio card you know, anyway, i was cleaning my computer from some junk i downloaded...
  20. E

    Solved! Windows sound goes to microphone

    I am using: GIgabyte Z170-HD3 onboard Realtek audio (ALC887 codec) Steelseries Siberia V3 headset When I play music from Youtube it plays also on microphone to Skype/Teamspeak/Discord etc voice chat. Both jacks are in back io. When one is plugged to front io same thing happens. If I use inear...
  21. L

    Wifi adapter slow in bedroom

    So, my original post received some great suggestions. I bought this wifi adapter, and it seemed to work great! However, it only works great in my living room most of the time, which is where the router is. I mostly need to use my laptop in my bedroom, so this is a big problem. I dealt with my...
  22. M

    Solved! Acer Aspire V5-121 Audio not working Windows 7

    Hi, I have the same issue except I run wind 7 and I don't have Realtek HD Audio Manager any help?
  23. S

    Solved! PC 5.1 Surround Sound from a single 3.5mm jack?

    How do I get 5.1 from a single 3.5mm Realtek stereo headphone jack? There is no Digital Coaxial, There is no S/PSIF... There is nothing... It's ASROCK FM2A88M Pro3+
  24. R

    Task manager accident

    How do I re-enable my Realtek HD audio after accidently hitting "End Task" in the Task Manager?
  25. G

    Realtek HD Audio refuses to change from speaker output to headset

    Hey Guys, I'm writing to you as I've run out of ideas. I've searched many forums and none have an answer for my problem. When I plug in my headset in the front panel of my new desktop, it detects that I've plugged in a headset. The issue is that after I choose the headset, the software says...
  26. S

    Do I need to use RealTek Soundback with my Logitech G933 headset?

    My Logitech G933 headset is capable of playing 7.1 surround sound, but in looking at some of the games I'd like to use it with (Half-Life 2, Fallout: New Vegas, etc.), it appears that they require the use of RealTek Soundback in order to restore their 7.0/7.1 surround sound capabilities. So I...
  27. GioRgSaVv

    Solved! Realtek does not recognize Monitor Sound through HDMI.

    Realtek just won't recognize sound from Monitor from HDMI. Realtek can normally recognize my Headphones when I plug them in and it shows me all the settings and options, but when the default device is the Monitor's Speakers, Realtek doesn't recognize them. Right...
  28. J

    Laptop audio will not work

    My laptop audio will stop working whenever I close the lid to my laptop. The only fix I've had so far from PC Specialist (The seller) are the new audio driver. The only alternative they offer is to take the sound board out and replace it. Which could take up to 10 days, however, due to the fact...
  29. S

    Solved! Sound coming from both headphones and speakers

    Before you report: Yes, I have read the others. None of them worked. I have a MSI Apache pro, with a realtek hd audio driver, the kind that will pop up with the "External audio device detected" window when anything is plugged in. Also, there is just "Speakers" on the audio devices screen. If...
  30. T

    Alienware 18 No sound from the speakers :(

    Greetings readers, First i'm going to describe my problem as accurately as possible. This is what I assessed so far: [Problem] No audio from the speakers [Cause] A faulty headphone jack that makes the system think something is always plugged in. Because of this sound does not go through my...
  31. Limyx826

    Realtek HD Audio Driver Gone

    My Realtek HD audio driver just somehow gone from device manager. One day I was using iTunes to play my music. Then I switch to YouTube using Google Chrome to watch a video, when I open another video there is no playback. At first I thought was browser issue until I tried to switch to iTunes...
  32. L

    Specific laptop has issues with Wi-Fi and Ethernet anywhere it goes, impossible to use

    Disclaimer: I don't know much about tech terms so please explain them if you use them. I apologize if I left some things out - I typed this for an hour before it deleted itself, so I'm trying to hurry and re-type. This will also be long. My computer: An HP TouchSmart, hard to find on HP site...
  33. B

    5.1 Side Speakers Aren't Working- need help- no relevant help from other threads.

    My Logitech z506 speakers are having trouble functioning properly. I just purchased them I'm hoping less than 30 days ago. I have Realtek Audio Manager set to 5.1. My side speakers will not make a sound. The front 2 speakers and my center speaker work fine, and on the Realtek 5.1 test all...
  34. P

    ive been trying to get my mic to work for 2 hours on windows 10....updated drivers...set as default...not muted...when i do a

    Please fix my Mic Windows 10
  35. A

    Stereo speakers and sub work in realtek test but no other sound at all.

    So I have two normal speakers and a sub-woofer. In the past I had it set up so I had left, right, and the sub playing center. Now I want to change it to stereo speakers and a sub. On the back of my PC I have a green,blue,and pink jacks. Right now I have a audio jack plugged into the pink jack...
  36. S

    Connected PC to TV - no sound through TV though

    I have connected my pc to my tv with a hdmi to dvi adaptor. I have a P8Z68-V LX motherboard with onboard audio. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-20S3000 20 inch widescreen TV. When I rightclick on volume icon and then playback devices I get 3 options: Speakers Realtek digital output (realtek high...
  37. J

    Realtek hd audio

    Hello,so after i start pc after like 5 mins my gpu temp and usage goes on 50 degrees so i checked task manager and saw realtek hd and i ended it and everything went back to normal.Every timw when i start pc this happens.Anyone have solution?
  38. J

    Cannot find a way to get Realtek HD Audio Manager onto my computer

    I had to format my drive due to corrupted OS (Windows 10). Went to reinstall realtek audio drivers for the audio manager since I have two sets of speakers I play sound out of (front jack and back jack). No audio manager to be found anywhere. I've reinstalled the drivers, looked for an exe that...
  39. L

    Quadraphonic audio with 2 different sets of speakers?

    So, this is what I have and what I want to do. I have a Pyramat sound rocker which is basically a comfy chair with speakers in it, and I also have a 2.1 set of speakers (fairly basic). What I would want to do is make quadraphonic audio with those components, but I have no idea on how to do it. I...
  40. D

    Laptop's WiFi card shuts itself off every couple of minutes

    Hi, I've been trying to fix my laptop's WiFi since I bought it back in August. It's an ASUS F555LA, when I bought it I immediately installed an SSD before really using it. I just booted it up to make sure there weren't any obvious problems and then went to work. Anyways, it's a couple months...
  41. R

    Rear Speakers sound weak/without bass.

    Hi, I am just testing 5.1 speakers connected to my PC via analog ports with Realtek HD Audio Manager. All speakers works. However two rear (surround) speakers sounds weak. By weak, I mean without powerful bass sound from subwoofer. Two front speaker and center speaker works powerful along with...
  42. A

    Realtek no sound on headphones (laptop)

    I'm on a Clevo p651se and after a routine windows 10 update my WiFi stopped working forcing me to do a reset to the OS. But now sound stopped working when headphone S are plugged in, Realtek will notify me that something was connected and lets me choose the ' headphones ' option but nothing will...
  43. R

    Only 2 of my 6.1 speakers and a Sub woofer are working

    I have just started to use my creative inspire 6.1 6600 Speakers and no matter what I tried, nothing seems to work. Only two of the front speakers and a Sub woofer are working ! I'm using Realtek High Definition Audio driver and have configured it to 7.1 ( did the same thing in speaker...
  44. D

    hp speaker crackling sound

    BUT the updates for Realtek Audio Driver Will be coming on pc and if we didnt want to install them onto our pc, it will install it automatically when we are'nt using the it............This problem will be created again....... plz answer .....
  45. Y

    usb speakers static noise if usb connector and 3.5mm plugged in the same computer

    Hi, i recently bought Havit sk473 surround usb speakers (mine are actually a rebrand under the name Westrom, but it's the same model) and i noticed static noise coming out of them all the time. It doesn't change when i adjust volume in the software (windows, youtube), however it gets worse or...
  46. A

    Laptop has trouble staying connected to wifi/ethernet

    Hello, I have a dell inspiron 7537 15 inch model. My laptop has always had trouble connecting to Ethernet and WiFi. I keep getting a 'no internet access' message when I check for the details in the network menu. I am also plugged directly into the same source as that of the WiFi (meaning that my...
  47. C

    Realtek High def. audio Microphone keeps muting itself in windows 10. help?

    As stated above. the only other things I should mention is that it is built into the laptop, and has only been doing this for a few weeks. help please? EDIT: before I forget, I have tried the solutions listed here...
  48. D

    Realtek HD Audio No 5.1 option

    Hello My PC Lenovo flex 2-14 Realtek audio manager donot have 5.1 speaker configuration. Details of Realtek- Version DirectX 12.0 HD audio ALC233 There is also dolby sound software installed too. I think because of this left rear & right rear surround speakers have very poor sound...
  49. L

    Realtek 5.1 is not working

    my 5.1 realtek driver is not working with windows 7 64 bit even though i install the latest driver which works on other devices i have tried all the solutions that i could can anyone can provide please. Even i installed its still working 2.1 only and my mic is also not working BUT if i...
  50. A

    Logitech z506 5.1 Surround issue - Will only play through center speakers

    I have had these speakers for months and configured them once and they worked, played through all 5 speakers + subwoofer. Drunk brother used computer and now they dont work. I downloaded the most updated realtek manager and my concern is that both windows and realtek both acknowledge that...
  51. D

    REaltek Subwoofer Control?

    Alright so I recently started putting time in to get my audio settings exactly where i want them to be ( no sound card just yet :[ ). And i noticed that when i turn off subwoofer in my realtek settings my bass quality goes considerably up. Blame it on my lack of audio knowledge but why is...
  52. A

    No bass on Sub-Woofer

    Recently I connected a 5.1 audio system on my Gigabyte 990FXA UD-5 motherboard which has Realtek ALC 889 audio chip. Now the subwoofer and the other speakers responds properly while being tested from the Realtek HD Audio Manager but there is no Bass while playing media or games. I am using...
  53. C

    What does dolby pro logic and dts neo pc do on windows?

    I noticed the realtek audio driver can be unlocked and then you get dolby pro logic ii and dts neo pc. Are those features used to upmix stereo signals to 5.1? Do I need a receiver to use those features or can I just use my realtek 5.1 sound card?
  54. hari1987

    dedicated sound card Vs Motherboard integerated sound card

    For my new build I'm planning to buy Asus Z170-AR 64GB motherboard and comes with an integrated sound(Realtek ALC892) , should I go for a dedicated sound card or would this be enough ? I use Harman Kardon Soundsticks III speakers.
  55. S

    Realtek HD Audio Manager- Unable to Get Sound Through Headphones

    Hi all, First of all, I'm basically a novice, so please forgive my lack of knowledge where terminology and whatnot is concerned. My laptop is ASUS X551, 15.6-inch (Intel Celeron 2.16GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, running Windows 8.1), and Realtek HD Audio Manager was already installed...
  56. A

    windows 10 upgrade Lenovo G525 no sound

    After upgrading to Windows 10, the sound on this laptop is so low it might as well be off. I downloaded realtek Win 10 driver but all that is showing is the default high def audio. My question is, should I delete this high def audio currently on the laptop and then install the realtek driver...
  57. S

    Realtek HD only plays in two channels.

    Yeah so this problem has got me pulling my hair out for the last couple of days. Scince this has to do with audio it will be hard to explain but i'll try my best. Basicly i got a new headset (Asus Vulcan ANC) i plug the audio cable into my audio jack on the back of my PC, Realtek HD asks me what...
  58. Obaid9

    BackPane & Front Panel Audio Jacks not detecting anything.

    Hello there Folks Need some help about my audio jacks. I was working in a virtual machine and suddenly the Realtek Audio Manager Kept throwing the popup it gives when new jacks are insert in ports. it was giving it for all the ports that had things connected to it. I selected them again (Front...
  59. P

    Realtek HD Audio Manager Bit/Hz settings.

    I unplugged my headphones earlier today to use my monitor speakers for the first time, and when I plugged my headphones back in I had to apply a setting in Realtek HD Audio Manager. The default setting was 24 Bit 48000 Hz but there were quite a few options, with one going all the way to 24 Bit...
  60. S

    Realtek audio line output to optical input

    Hello, I have a Z87-G43 motherboard which I want to connect to my RX V475 receiver. I bought on of these but my receiver isn't getting any audio (even though the realtek driver shows sound being sent...