usb speakers static noise if usb connector and 3.5mm plugged in the same computer


Mar 24, 2016
Hi, i recently bought Havit sk473 surround usb speakers (mine are actually a rebrand under the name Westrom, but it's the same model) and i noticed static noise coming out of them all the time. It doesn't change when i adjust volume in the software (windows, youtube), however it gets worse or better if i turn it up or down through the wheel on the speakers itself.
I tried all the jacks, back and front, i tried to plug it in 3 different computers, no change. But then i noticed that if the 3.5mm connector and usb power are connected to SEPARATE devices the noise disappears (example, sound to PC and power to laptop). I also noticed that if sound is connected to the phone, there is also no noise however if the phone is connected through USB to the same pc, the noise appears.
i sort of solved this by connecting USB power directly to the power socket through phone charger, but then these speakers sort of lose their meaning of being usb powered...
Any advice or solutions?

main pc specs
windows 10
cpu: i5 6400
hdd: WD blue 1TB
mobo: msi h110i pro ac
psu: seasonic sII 520w
case thermaltake core v1
ram: 8gb hyperx
Realtek high definition audio driver


Aug 10, 2015
Hard disk drives draw power at an unsteady rate. This introduces noise into the power delivery systems. The Seasonic SII series are not all that great at isolating noise. However, it's difficult to find a power supply that can do this for under $150.

Why not just get a new charger with two powered USB ports on it?