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  1. BenX41

    Discussion Note 20 Ultra Exynos & Alternative Suggestions

    Looking to upgrade from my iPhone Xs Max and its unresponsive screen to something with a high touch sampling rate. I was thinking of going with the Note 20 Ultra but being based in the UK it seems I would be forced to get the Exynos version rather than the snapdragon. I wouldnt be too bothered...
  2. T

    Need help buying an ultrabook-type laptop for travelling

    Hi all, need some help from people who know more than me about laptops! Basically I'm going travelling abroad and looking to replace my ageing laptop. I'm not quite going backpacking or anything but I *do* need a laptop that's very portable and has good battery life. So a sturdy build is pretty...
  3. Graybush

    Community Presents: Recommend A Laptop With Andrew Freedman

    Hey there my Laptop Enthusiasts! Struggling to find the perfect laptop? Get expert advice and guidance in real-time with ‘Recommend A Laptop’, hosted by the Tom’s Guide Community Staff. Our special guest this week is Andrew Freedman, one of our writers at Tom’s Guide. Andrew joined the Tom's...
  4. L

    Recommend me Video Editing Software?

    Id like some help picking some video editing software for YouTube. mainly gameplay stuff. If its free fantastic if not hopefully something to expensive maybe less than £100? and no subscriptions please. Hopefully nothing to complicated but id like it to be able to cover the following things...
  5. B

    Looking for TV recommendations for movies/xbox

    Hi I'm looking to replace my ancient CRT TV for a flat screen and I'm a little lost as to where to start. I use my TV almost exclusively for movies either DVD's played through my Xbox 360 or streamed from my PC again through the 360. I also play some Xbox 360 games infrequently. I'm looking...
  6. R

    Dutiful Son searching for laptop for Tech Impaired Mother, any recommendations? Speech-to-text a requirement.

    Hey all! I'm helping my mom pick out a new laptop (i.e. telling her which one to buy) but am finding it challenging - her preferences & requirements are completely different than mine. Was hoping some of you folks might have recommendations so I can find her something she'll be happy with...