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    Trying to boot from usb or cd but all I get is a black screen

    Hello Guys. I have an Hp probook, It had windows 7 ultimate.I wanted to install windows 8, I tried to boot from cd and all I get is a black screen, from usb too, once I got till the press any key to boot from usb the moment I press a key it stucks if I dont press the dots continues. I saw a...
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    A "removable disk" drive(H:) appeared in My computer. Virus?

    Its not the daemon tools virtual drive. Should i worry?
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    devices not listed in boot priority

    i want to install xindows 7 using a usb but every time i try to change boot priority to removable disk i cant. the option removable disk is not even listed. i have a asus motherboard. this is frustrating.
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    Removable Disk For Mp3

    Help Me
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    Software to install iso files on a removable disk

    Hello, software to install iso files on a removable disk
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    Removable disk

    how do i remove the write-protection?
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    Mp3 problem

    Hello I've a problem with Apacer mp3 and I wish to find here how to solve it. While it was recording I stopped the record process and since then there is no response, I even can't turn it off , and it doesn't appear as a removable disk on the computer. Thank you in advance.