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    Solved! Can I plug my Blue Snowball in a the Roland VT-4 ?

    Hi !, eum, ok so, I have a question. Is there I way that I can put my Blue Snowball usb wire into the "Mic In" port of the Roland VT-4 ? Like, is there a good converter from usb to mic-in ? or I have to buy an other mic :confused_old: Thank you for taking time to read my question and im waiting...
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    Games not detecting mic - everything else works

    Hi community Have recently invested in a new home audio set-up which is a AT2020 and roland quad capture. Everything is working well on discord, however problems occur when I go outside of discord. I can hear in every application, skype, games youtube everything. But when I want to to speak in...
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    Italian headphone brands-companies?

    I wonder about Italian headphone manufacturing/designing companies, could you list some of them if you know? I found: Sonus Faber-Pryma Proel V-Moda(but acquired by Roland) Rcf
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    Help choosing a speaker and subwoofer.

    I have a discrete sound card, Creative ZxR - 24bit/192khz, and I was hoping to get the best of it by picking a good set of speakers, actually trying make a 2.1 or maybe even a 5.1 system later depending of which I go for. So the options I got here are: Pioneer sp-bs22(passive bookshelf...
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    please! midi help urgent needed

    i just got a roland mc 505 (in/out) and a korg trinity (in/out/thru). i have the traktor s4 and want to connect them to it as midi how do i do it ? i want to be able to record in ableton as midi sorry, i am really a newbie in midi . it s my first time so please try to explain very detailed...
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    Problem with Roland UA-33 Tricapture USB Audio Interface

    Hello, I am trying to use Roland UA-33 for playing guitar / audio playback with Windows 7, 64-bit PC which has i5 processor and 8GB RAM. The issue is when i try to playback some music/video, the device shuts off and the playback software also freezes. The only way I can get the interface to get...
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    roland mv-30 studio m forums

    Can someone please let me know how to set my drum click to a 3/4 beat? I can only set to 4/4 at the moment. Much Thanks Art
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    Roland VS-2480 AND ROLAND SI-24

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    Roland mv-30

    Hello, My name is J Yhap, email addr ''. I want to know is the another method of loading OS for the MV 30 ( ie.. EPROM )? If you do know, how can this be achieved. I would be thankful for any info in this direction.
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    Coaxial inputs

    Hello, I have a Roland X8 which I want to record the varius sounds onto a laptop to then edit with relevant software. I am looking for a suitable external soundcard (that will link to the laptop via usb)but has digital coaxial inputs. Any ideas ?
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    Rolnd m-240 line mixer

    Hello, Does anyone kn ow where I can get the power supply for a Roland M-240 Line mixer?
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    Roland r5 midi off

    Hello, i'm trying change the tempo setting on a Roland R5. However, the tempo is set to midi. I can't figure out how to turn that off. I've gone thru midi mode & turned off everything. Can anyone help me?.
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    Roland mv30

    I have been using an MV30 for about 20 years. This is to augment a semi-pro trio playing in a club. I have acquired another 2 second hand units but now have only one left working. no2. requires a floppy drive and no.3 has a blank screen and no floppy drive. I fear that the one working unit might...
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    Electronic drums kick distroting the mains

    Hello, We are running our electronic roland drum module straight in to the pa and you can't get the kick drum sound to a decent level before it begins distorting and we are not clipping at the board ? Any ideas ? Active direct boxes, compression, preamp anything.
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    Roland mv 30 studio m

    Do you still have the working Roland mv 30 studio M?
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    Roland vs 1680

    my group recorded live at church and i need to edit out some dead time in the recording. how do i do this without it erasing the whole service. i recorded it non stop and there are lengthy pauses i need to edit out..any answers???
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    Roland VS-2480DVD

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi there, for several months now I've been considering purchasing a Roland VS-2480DVD to do some recording on. I've got a couple of reasons for leaning towards this (or a similar) unit, the main one being it's portability. I work with a number...
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    manual Roland E-86?

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) Ladies, gentlemen, I'm looking for a manual of the so-called intelligent synthesizer the Roland E-86. Does anyone have any clue where I could download a manual? I've googled and googled...