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    Why does C not have run time errors?

    Disclaimer: I am a total noob in C, and don't have all too much experience in computer science in general (about 1 year). I come from a background in Java and Python, and when I started learning C, I noticed something I found odd. Why does C not give run time errors, even if I intentionally add...
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    What is a runtime?

    What is a run time? What is a run time environment? What uses a run time/ run time environment? Why are run times/run time environments important/ necessary? What is JDK/JRE? Why does java have a run time environment while other languages don't? Thanks
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    Common runtime enviorment?

    Is there a common run time environment where general applications like Chroms and Steam run? If so what is it? Also, what does a run time environment have that allows programs to run?
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    How much do solid state drives extend runtime?

    anecdotal evidence suggests that SSD greatly extend runtime. Is that so?
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    Runtime Error Windows8.1

    Hey guys ive getting this error recently, it started popping 2 days ago saying "Runtime error! Program: C:/ProgramData/BBUKAU/HQY.exe" This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information". I dont even...
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    Blustacks runtime error - initializing and its screen freeze/hang

    After reopen my laptop, I manage to access into bluestacks but after a moment the screen will freeze/hang. Then it stuck on initializing when I restart bluestacks. Latest version of bluestacks downloaded: Have uninstall and reinstall for the past few days but the problem still...
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    microsoft visual C++ runtime library. runtime error

    help me! runtime error! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\GTA SanAndreas FULL by [RGame.VN] (1)\\Gata SanAndreas\gta_sa.exe
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    microsoft visual C++ runtime library. runtime error

    I cannot play avi file in divx10.2.4 version player message giving "microsoft visual C++ runtime library, runtime error . C:\program files\divx\divx player\divxplayer.exe
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    Whenever I try downloading Java environment run time it tells me that the Wizard was interrupted and I need to run Start up ag

    I cannot download Java runtime and need help with the error message that comes up
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    Eclipse won't open

    Every time I try to open up Eclipse it says: "A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Eclipse. No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations: C:\Eclipse\eclipse\jre\bin\javaw.exe javaw.exe in your current PATH"...
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    Lenovo u530 Battery runtime- Pls HELP

    Happy New Year to all!! Recently bought an U530 touch ultrabook 59385621 with Haswell Core i7-4500u processor, 8GB RAM, 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD with built in 8gb Flash (for quick boot times) 1920x1080 10 point touchscreen, and the best (claim) of all 10 hrs of battery time (non realistic, only when...
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    Microsoft visual c++ runtime not found in windows 8 phone 8

    Hello, I have installed SQLite for windows Runtime.I need to add reference for Microsoft Visualc Runtime and SQLite for windows runtime.But i didnt get the DLL?I do know where is the Issue?Can u pls clear this?
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    BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime to be Upgraded to Jelly Bean

    Current version is 2.3 Gingerbread, which causes several issues. BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime to be Upgraded to Jelly Bean : Read more
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    Yahoo Messenger conflict with 3ds max?

    Hello...I have a problem with Yahoo messenger lately. A message saying " yahoo messenger is not responding" appears from nowhere. I observed this didn't happen before I have installed 3ds max . I think the problem is that Yahoo messenger installs Microsoft's Visual C++ Runtime 2005...
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    Toshiba satellite M505-54940 reset SMBIOS ver: 2 5

    When i turn on my toshiba m505-54940 with bios ver : 2.5 i get this message. SMBIOS data will not be available and noy enough space in runtime area. can you tell me what i can do??
  16. G

    Runtime library error

    Hello,on my laptop screen i see runtime library error when i open internet.
  17. exfileme

    Native Support for Android Coming to Windows

    Forget Google's android emulator: a startup company has created an Android runtime environment for Windows. Native Support for Android Coming to Windows : Read more
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    Java Runtime Environment Won't Update

    ^What the title says. Starting with the release of JRE 6 Update 23, I have been unable to install new versions of JRE. Because Update 23 didn't include any security fixes, I just left it at Update 22 and hoped that Update 24 would install. It won't. Every time I launch the installer, its process...
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    Runtime error

    Hello, how can i disable Runtime error in windows xp in HP pavilion dv6500
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    Run time error 40006

    Runtime Error "40006"
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    ICQ error message.....

    when I restalled my ICQ. an error occoured, "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" Run Time Error! Program: C:\PROGRA~1\ICQ\icq.exe abnormal program termination What is that?
  22. dhlucke

    Xpeg Irritation Error

    I'm going insane here. This is my first time doing this so I'm fairly new, but I've done everything according to the article and I'm getting this error each time. It gets about 20 frames in and it crashes. Any suggestions. What codecs should I install exactly and I'm worried that I might be...