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    Solved! Is it safe to download HxD from this source?

    I want to download a hex editor and I chose HxD but the thing is that I'm trying to download it from:
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    Question Huawei Honor 8 lite Safe says two of my videos do not exist

    Hello I have saved a lot of videos to the Safe archived folder on the default file manager on my honor 8 lite and for some reason I can't access these 2 videos that are still inside the Safe. I have videos, older and newer than them encrypted in there and they work fine. I can see all the...
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    What does Adobe Snr Patcher change?

    I recently got hold of a file called "adobe.snr.patch-painter.exe" from someone I know and it's supposed to crack adobe products. (I haven't launched it because MBAM flagged it as harmful... but Avast didn't) I put it through Virus total and it's split almost 50/50 on being harmful or not. I...
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    Leaving Asus Laptop Battery model X551M ATHEROS/AR5B125 Charging While Using

    Hi, I was wondering what is the proper way to take care of the laptop battery for my model?? I don't really know much computer language, but I was told by people different things like how its not good to leave laptop running all the time and some others have told me opposite. What I have been...
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    Best Free Encryption Software?

    I am looking for a free encryption software to secure a USB thumb/flash drive. I don't really care how long it takes to encrypt, I just want something that is free and, most importantly, secure. Thanks :)