Leaving Asus Laptop Battery model X551M ATHEROS/AR5B125 Charging While Using


Jan 16, 2016
Hi, I was wondering what is the proper way to take care of the laptop battery for my model?? I don't really know much computer language, but I was told by people different things like how its not good to leave laptop running all the time and some others have told me opposite. What I have been doing is just leaving it plugged in when I am using it most of the time and when I am in class at school I don't charge it. But I just would like to get it cleared out please and know the truth and proper way, please and thank you.

I also have read this answer, (http://) but I am still a bit uneasy whether or not this apply to my laptop or not. I am not quite sure what to believe or what is the right way anymore x . x

There are actually tons of ways on how to take care of your laptops battery.
1. If you're planning on using your laptop at home for a very long time (4hrs or more) like projects or gaming, just remove the battery and connect it via it's AC adapter.
2. Unplug your laptop from it's AC adapter once it's fully charge.
3. Don't leave your laptop on charge overnight.

Here are more ways on how to take care of your laptop battery.
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