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  1. D

    Solved! Laptop screen flicker and has multiple horizontal lines on it.

    Got myself this Gigabyte Aorus 5MB about a year ago, worked fine until December where the screen suddenly starts to flicker and shows some horizontal lines on the upper side of the screen and when this happen, the screen below the lines will freeze and shows some faint overlay images of previous...
  2. bb86

    Solved! Clevo N150RD screen flickers when battery is connected

    Hello, i'm using an old Clevo N150RD laptop with the following configuration: Intel Core 5-6300HQ 2x 8 GB Memory Geforce GTX 960m 2GB 2x 256 GB SSD Windows 10 Home I have the following error: Without battery and on ac adapter the laptop runs very well and there are no problems. When i take...
  3. watrhous

    Screen Flicker Crazy

    Compaq Presario C700 I have replaced the LCD screen and the inverter. The screen flickers ALWAYS, even while posting through BIO and safe mode screens. Any ideas?
  4. L

    Need help fixing a problem with my laptop

    I have an Alienware laptop and I was on YouTube watching videos and I noticed when I closed the browser it looked like someone took a screen shot of the screen put it over my wallpaper and lowered the opacity and now when ever I turn it off or restart it, it has the Alienware logo with the...