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    G-Sync disabled after replacing broken screen on HP Omen 17

    Hi, I accidentally broke the screen on my Hp omen 17 An009tx laptop and had to replace it. The original screen was innolux N173HCE-G32 rev C.1 (17.3" 120hz 40pin G-sync enabled). it is an IPS panel with 25ms response times. this screen was difficult to come by, so i searched and found...
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    Mac a1181 blue screen after replacement

    I replaced the LCD screen of my laptop to fix a burnt out backlight bulb issue, but now when I turn on the computer it stays at a blank blue screen. I've tried resetting the PRAM and it stays blue trying to hold down the command keys too. I inserted my OS installation disk and nothing still...
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    Please help. How to change 30 pin to 40 pin connector

    Help. Recently purchased a new laptop screen to replace damaged one. My original laptop has a 30 pin connector and the new screen is 40 pins. Can I still get it to work or do I have to buy another screen?
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    ROG Screen Replacement Doesn't Power On

    My laptop’s screen no longer works but it can still connect to external monitors. I’ve ordered a replacement screen that is compatible with my laptop model (Asus G750JW) but the replacement screen fails to power on. Should I buy a replacement ribbon cable or could this just be a loose wire...
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    Lenovo G560 Won't Boot after dropping...

    My Lenovo G560 (Windows 7) was dropped and the screen unfortunately cracked. Ordered a new matching screen and installed very carefully. Turned computer on and I get the initial "Lenovo" screen with the option to go into BIOS (i.e. press F2, F12, etc.). Then, after that I get only a blinking...