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    Question TV Mount Wall Mount Screw Size (Samsung 70 inch NU6070)

    So I snagged a Samsung 70 inch NU6070 grreat. I take down our 55 inch that's already mounted (the mount is universal VESA and handles up to 110 lbs, the new TV is only 58 lbs) to put the brackets on the back of the TV. Wrong screw size. I look in the book. It says there I need 49 mm, M8 1.25...
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    Laptop screws wont come off

    I have an HP laptop that's a decent size however no matter how hard I try the screws won't come off. The screws themselves are very tiny and its hard finding a screwdriver that will work for them. Even the tiniest screwdriver we had didn't seem to help get the screws off at all. I want to open...
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    How to disassembly the LG P430 Laptop (at least remove the first plastic case)?

    Hello guys, I have a laptop from LG ( model LG P430-K.BE44P1(7465) ). It has almost 3 years and I think that it is starting to overheat, so I thought about opening its backcase and at least blowing away the dust stored there. My problem is that I really don't know how to remove the bottom...