Solved! TV Mount Wall Mount Screw Size (Samsung 70 inch NU6070)

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Jun 22, 2013
So I snagged a Samsung 70 inch NU6070 grreat.

I take down our 55 inch that's already mounted (the mount is universal VESA and handles up to 110 lbs, the new TV is only 58 lbs) to put the brackets on the back of the TV. Wrong screw size.

I look in the book. It says there I need 49 mm, M8 1.25 pitch screws.

I get the screws (50mm, they didn't have exactly 49, but I figured a washer would make the difference) come back, and try to put the brackets on.


The screws are WAY too long, however, Looking online and re-reading the instructions, it says clearly that the bigger the tv the longer the screws need to be, and 70+ tend to need 50 mm,

So now I'm just stuck. I saw something about spacers, and watched a video of a couple mounting their 65 inch Samsung, but the spacers were already there in the box. They aren't in the box with this model. Plus the spacers I've seen online don't quite look the same. I don't know if it's safe. I'm already wary about mounting a big TV, so I want to do this right.


Feb 24, 2010
My brand new 6 series (6950) Came with special spacers. The plastic back is very flimsy and these spacers are not optional. They are narrow and insert INTO the back of the TV around the bolt. This ebay item is at least similar, if not the right product (do more research).

I should also note I had to use screws 5mm longer than the manual said as my wall mount uses rather thick metal. But it's 15 years old and designed for very large plasma televisions.
Nov 28, 2019
I just got the same TV from Best Buy and ran into the exact same issue. Our mounting kit came with 20mm and 35mm, and we bought 40mm and 50mm length screws. 20mm was too short and 35mm was too long! It also came with spacers, but with the spacers in, 40mm was too short and 50mm was too long! The 49mm in the manual makes no sense. We will probably go back to the hardware store and just buy every possible size and hope one of them works.
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