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    Solved! TV Mount Wall Mount Screw Size (Samsung 70 inch NU6070)

    So I snagged a Samsung 70 inch NU6070 grreat. I take down our 55 inch that's already mounted (the mount is universal VESA and handles up to 110 lbs, the new TV is only 58 lbs) to put the brackets on the back of the TV. Wrong screw size. I look in the book. It says there I need 49 mm, M8 1.25...
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    Mounting a TV above gas fireplace

    Hello, I am planning to mount a 60-65” television in my family room on top of my gas fireplace. I have 2 questions with the approach I would like to take and would appreciate any feedback. 1. Before mounting I plan to install a stone like backsplash on the wall. I assume the correct...