Mounting a TV above gas fireplace


Jun 8, 2015
I am planning to mount a 60-65” television in my family room on top of my gas fireplace. I have 2 questions with the approach I would like to take and would appreciate any feedback.

1. Before mounting I plan to install a stone like backsplash on the wall. I assume the correct procedure is the install the backsplash first then the mounting kit over top. My concern is the kit won’t be sitting flush over the backsplash, also having the drill through the stone. Any tips on the correct approach?

2. I discovered the studs above my fire place are 24” apart but are connected together by a wooden - probably a fire block? Can I anchor the mounting kit to these boards or should I stick with the studs? If studs, can anyone recommend a mounting kit the will fit the width of my studs?