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  1. J

    Most comfortable headphones under $200

    So I am looking for a pair of headphones that are so comfortable that I don't need to take them off. I'm looking at the Sennheiser Game One, but I have an Blue Yeti w/ Boom arm and pop filter. So I don't really need a half-baked mic on the Game one. My ideal headphone is wireless, with very...
  2. X

    Buying new Headset, Help needed (Astro a40/50, Sennheiser Game one/zero/363d

    Hey guys, so i need a new headset my old Logitech G930 Broke. I Want a good headset with good sound a good bass and also a decent mic. I'm gonna be using them for Gaming/Music and just browsing the net. Price dos not really matter aslong the headset is worth it. These are the headsets i have...