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  1. Chaingunchris

    Is the gigabyte P35X V6 any good?

    The reviews on Newegg and amazon say it's great but reviewers like computer shopper and others say it sucks. I just want the components to not fry :3
  2. FarNerdy

    Is there a good reason to purchase a 4K display vs FHD w.G-Sync display for gaming and video editing?

    Hi all, I am trying to decide between a few options for laptops right now. I have some options (customizable) between a few different MSI laptops and Sager laptops. I know I want an i7-6700 series (Skylake) processor, leaning more towards the i7-6700HQ or i7-6700K at the moment. Both Sager and...
  3. F

    Asus UX305CA alternative ?

    I've purchased an Asus ux305ca. And i've been happy with the performance and is perfect for me as a student. But, i've had it replaced 5 times because of hardware failures. I've not been able to find any alternatives in case i wanted to try a different brand or model. Any suggestions ?
  4. R

    Windows 7 install iso

    Hey, Im trying to create installation media for a skylake z170 mobo (As-rock pro 4) but my issue is i cant create a bootable iso i have tried the official site at the moment it is saying error but a couple of months back i tried and it...
  5. A

    Advice for gaming Laptop 6th Gen - FAQ Filled

    1. What is your budget? - upto $1200 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? -Any 3. What screen resolution do you want? -2K - 4K 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? -Desktop Replacement 5. How much battery life do you need? -More than 3 Hours...
  6. harsh_hk

    Need help with my new purchase

    I have ordered a dell vostro 3458 with i7 5500u, on-board Intel 5500 graphics, 4gb ram, 500 GB HDD. I have chosen this configuration over a similar priced HP laptop that has i5 6200u and Intel HD 520, 4gb ram. I only do very little casual gaming (Minecraft probably), but I intend to use...
  7. ZeroInfinity


    Hi All! I'm currently having a dilemma on whether to buy the MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 or the Dell Inspiron 7559 ( I7 Skylake Series ) Here are the specifications of the following laptops: --------------------------- MSI GE62 APACHE PRO-004 Intel Core i7 6700HQ Turbo Boost up to 3.5Ghz NVIDIA...
  8. T

    MSI GS60 6QE wont boot at first try

    hi, its started just today i notice that my laptop that it wont boot at first try i min from cold off... when i try to open it, i click the power button then it turns on for a bit and then wont continue like its totally off so i have to press again the power button.. and the boot times is...
  9. P

    Does MSI GT72S 6QE Laptop with 6700HQ require the power adapter to be connected to turn it ON?

    Does MSI GT72S 6QE Laptop with 6700HQ require the power adapter to be connected to turn it ON?
  10. csnoob

    Dell XPS 13 - i5 vs i7 (£50 difference) - What should I get?

    I can upgrade from a - 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6500U (4M Cache, up to 3.1 GHz) to - 6th Generation Intel® Core™ Core i5-6200U (3M Cache, up to 2.8 GHz) Does it worth the extra money?
  11. H

    Wait for Skylake or just buy now?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on buying a laptop now (considering T450s) or waiting for Skylake to be released for laptops seeing that Computex has just passed? I'm really looking for a boost in both battery life and performance. However I've read that the boost...