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    FPS drop after awhile

    Laptop spec : MSi GE62 2QE CPU : Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.6GHz GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m GDDR5 2GB RAM : 8GB DDR3L Windows 8.1 64bit Laptop age : almost a year Okay so here the problem I notice this recently that my fps drop after few minutes playing games such as CSGO and GTAV , the...
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    Corsair link won't give any numbers or information

    My corsair link has been working properly for about a week now in my new system, freshly installed everything. As of recently corsair link has stopped working in the sense of everything reads 0, CPU load is 0, fan rpms are 0, won't even show what color light my h100i is producing, I've...
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    Santa Cruz 64bit

    Hey, Installed the Voy. Santa Cruz Sound card from out my XP Home 86/32bit sys into my Win7 64bit pc and found it wasn't going to work. I've visited nearly all the sights here talking about the issue, even went so far as to sign up with Santa Cruz forum seeking answers and nothing this far...