Aug 26, 2013
Installed the Voy. Santa Cruz Sound card from out my XP Home 86/32bit sys into my Win7 64bit pc and found it wasn't going to work. I've visited nearly all the sights here talking about the issue, even went so far as to sign up with Santa Cruz forum seeking answers and nothing this far except a link that sends me to the Orients and its talking about " CS's" as if we're to know what they are, so I'm left stumped.

I've read how some have gotten the program to work in Win7 32bit, but none says any thing beyond, "not working' for the 64;s? Can some help me find a way to get my Santa Cruz program to work right in this 64 bit win 7 please? Iif I have to sell an arm to keep it, I'd do it.


Nov 6, 2007
From Turtle Beach's website:

"64-bit drivers - Compatibility
64-bit drivers for Windows 7 and Windows Vista are available for the following products: AA_Micro, AA_Micro II, AA_Amigo, AA_SRM, AK-R8, Riviera and Montego DDL. All other "Turtle Beach" and "Voyetra" Hardware and Software Products (including the Video Advantage Capture series) were discontinued long before the release of these technologies, so they are not supported and they will not function in these systems."

So unless someone else here has a workaround you're out of luck.


Aug 26, 2013
I was at the TB website and saw the same comment, but I refuse to give up!
I was searching around and found a company in Japan still working on it, but they too have said there is nothing for the 64bitters. I'm still not giving up though, even if I have to put her on the shelf and learn the TB OS myself to get it to work...
I wrote TB a letter asking them to reconsider the VTB because of so many people simply being in love with the product and sort of vex , wherein they could develop some sort of patch or addin and charge a fee for that, heck if they're as smart business wise as they are small tech wise, they'd redevelop the whole line in the form of a compatible CD and sell it for $20/$25 for existing drive holders Or simply get with the times and work with what sold, only in a new 7/8-32/64 formats done right (leaving the quality of the old with maybe some sort of skin changer, double and separate E.Q.'s 0ne able to clarify the other if need be as to sharpen sound to please those attentive ears), because I for one at this point would gladly pay out the rear for it than pay out the garbage amounts of money for whats called the best high priced junk.
It would be great if all the people who has used (or still is using for their own future growth use of) the product, that knows the VTB for its true clarity, to turn around from giving up and write the company, so as to give this product back the life it deserve.
Hell if they do, I'll change business and start marketing the thing myself (that's how much I know this is a great Card to own and continue to own."

Thanks for the help.
I'll press on looking.
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