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  1. K

    Question Soldering 3.5m jack 5 wires

    Razer headset(man o war wired) broke the jack on it trying to resolder but it has 5 wires so I opened the volume mixer and it had the following SPR+ silver wire SPL+ red wire (silver ish) SP- yellow GROUND-copper Mic-white I need some help as in how to solder it on to a 3.5mm jack 4 pole
  2. T

    How to recycle a JBL Amp/Monitor?

    Hey, so I have a broken JLB M Pro. I was going to throw it away but was wondering if I could repurpose it or maybe just buy some sort of new control unit or something to make it work again. I'm not sure whats wrong with it, since I got it from a church who was throwing it away. It seems like...
  3. L

    Laptop dead after soldering?

    I'm decent with computers in general, but not with soldering. Today, I decided to solder the 'memory card holder' back in place on the motherboard because it was detached. It got detached previously because I had the memory card in the laptop, then bumped it from the side. Anyways, I was...
  4. D

    I boke a very small coponent on my ASUS ux31e motherboard, now it's not turning on. Only power and caps lock led what's that? Is it possible that this is the cause? Where can I find a replacement?
  5. K

    How do I get this mic to take phantom power?

    I have a Shengyue BM-800 condenser microphone. It usually gets power from a single AA battery, but if I do that, then I have to boost the input by 30db just to get a reasonable volume, and that results in an insane amount of white noise. I bought a 48v DC phantom power supply to solve the...
  6. drago10029

    Need Information: Modding PC Gaming Headset to standard 3.5 mm jack

    Hey people, so what I want to do is modify my PC Headset and change the connections so that the audio & mic 3.5 mm jacks will only have one single 3.5 mm male connector that effectively allows mic and audio. Basically what you would get from most headphones with mics these days. So this is...
  7. M

    4pin DC power jack on viao diagram and electronics learning.

    I just got my first voltmeter and i have a laptop i would like to learn how to use my voltmeter and fix something with it. I have an old sony vaio sve15115fxe motherboard: if you look at the bottom in the middle is a white 4 pin( 2 red on bottom from that orientation then 2 black) DC jack...