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  1. G

    Question Where are the independent comparison reviews for smartwatches for dementia patients?

    My mother is an independent, livewire dementia suffer 76 years young and I want her to stay that way as long as possible. The longer she feels free and remains save I am sure she will be happier. However with all this fantastic technology out there where are the comparison reviews of all the...
  2. viveknayyar007

    How to Set Up and Use Emergency SOS on iPhone

    Emergency SOS in iOS 11 lets you call your close friend or family member in case some emergency arises, and you need immediate attention. To make an Emergency SOS call, all you need to do is press the Sleep/Wake button 5 times repeatedly. Since this is a global method to initiate an emergency...
  3. O

    Looking for advice on a virus on my laptop!

    Hello! I have just bought a new laptop (an Acer) and have been setting it up, but I have accidentally downloaded some malware or virus (I'm horrified that I managed to do it within 3 days of getting my laptop) that keeps redirecting me to popup sites (I think one of the main sneaks is...
  4. J

    My Sony HDR PJ820 randomly won't turn on

    So I have been taking very good care of this camcorder for the past couple of years now. I have never once dropped it, or even hit it hard for that matter. However today I decided to take my camcorder out of his safely compact bag, but it would not turn on. Thinking the battery was out of...