Question Where are the independent comparison reviews for smartwatches for dementia patients?

Oct 6, 2022
My mother is an independent, livewire dementia suffer 76 years young and I want her to stay that way as long as possible. The longer she feels free and remains save I am sure she will be happier. However with all this fantastic technology out there where are the comparison reviews of all the dementia focused tech? The first one you need is a watch or someway of locating your relative when they are lost and in a device that they are sure to put on!
There are 5 basic criteria:
Battery life, GPS quality tracking, Customisable Simplicity in the interface to encourage wearing, ability to contact them and family enabled app support. An SOS alert and falls recognition is a bonus.

I've tried a few watches now and it isn't possible with the generic popular watches to meet these requirements mostly due to privacy sharing rules and complexity. There are companies out there setting up as support agencies eg. Angelface watches but there is no one independent checking them against other possible watch suppliers. Its a really expensive committment to purchase and subscribe to these watches - there must be some quality reviews out there!