Looking for advice on a virus on my laptop!


Jul 19, 2017
Hello! I have just bought a new laptop (an Acer) and have been setting it up, but I have accidentally downloaded some malware or virus (I'm horrified that I managed to do it within 3 days of getting my laptop) that keeps redirecting me to popup sites (I think one of the main sneaks is 'pipeschannels') when I use Firefox.

I ran Norton- which has failed to remove any sort of virus- and other virus tools like Malwarebytes but nothing actually helped and the popups persisted. I freaked a little bit and did a system restore to the day that I bought the computer (17th July), just before I installed my programs. I ran Norton scans again afterwards and so far everything seems okay.

However, I am rather worried that the virus or malware is still in my computer system and I was wondering if it would be wise to do a factory reset on my computer just to be sure? I don't really know how to proceed from here and would like some advice, if possible?

Thank you so much!
Here's an article about how to remove it.