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  1. Hampshire

    Question Audio delay

    Whenever I play any game, when I complete the first action that involves a particular sound the audio is delayed, but subsequent actions that have the same sound have normal audio. This continues as is until I restart my PC, when all new audio has the same delay again. I have no clue what could...
  2. Manuja55

    Solved! Headphones are not detected by laptop

    I have a dell inspiron 15 3000 laptop. My headphones are detected by laptop only when I plugged them in before starting the laptop. If I try to plug them in after the laptop turned on, it does not recognize my headphones. I tried things like updating windows, updating driver, uninstalling and...
  3. B

    Question Yamaha rx-v385 surround speaker issue

    So I recently purchased a Yamaha rx-v385. The way I have it set up is ps4 hdmi into it (dd bitstream) and hdmi out to my tv. For some reason while gaming my surround speakers sound echoey when characters are speaking behind me. This issue and be some what fixed by restoring factory settings but...
  4. Mr_Un1Que

    Question Left surrounding speaker doesn't work

    Hello, I have a Sony home theatre system : Model no. HBD-DZ940K Connected to TCL TV. Everything was working fine all the 5 speakers were great. However, now I am facing an issue that the rear (surround) left speaker is not working while all the others do. I have went online to find the...