Question Left surrounding speaker doesn't work

Jul 14, 2019

I have a Sony home theatre system : Model no. HBD-DZ940K

Connected to TCL TV. Everything was working fine all the 5 speakers were great.
However, now I am facing an issue that the rear (surround) left speaker is not working while all the others do. I have went online to find the solution and was advised to switch sound modes. I am currently using 'clear voice'. I tried to switch to BGM, the surrond left speaker started to work again with the front right speaker only. When I switch back to 'clear voice' or 'standard' or any other mode, it stops working, but when I get my ears close to it, I can hear noise coming out but it is a very low noise.

Does anyone happens to know what might be the issue.
P. S the system is connected through a standard white and a red cable to audio output in TV. But I have never had any problems before.

Thanks ahead.
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Jul 14, 2019
Yeah I tried replacing the right one with the left. The (previously) right speaker did not work afterwards. However, as a temporary solution I switched the ports between the left surrounding speaker and the front middle one. It works now on 'clear voice' mode. But, I am afraid that it is not surrounded anymore.

Before doing any of this, I went into the setting when the rear left speaker wasn't working and I ran a sound test. It identified each and every speaker and all of them worked during the test. However, when I switched back to TV the left rear speaker stopped working again.
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