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  1. X

    Opinions on Gaming Laptop

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new gaming laptop to buy and after a small research I have made, I am considering buying the HP Omen X Laptop 17 ap008nn. I would like your opinion on this certain model based on its specifications and on your experience with it, if someone owns it. Please do...
  2. C

    Planning to buy Laptop for Art

    Hey guys. Need help. I'm getting a laptop for digital art, video editing, and some animation. nothing 3d. price is no problem. think these specs are okay? Asus VM590LB-FI615T - Intel Broadwell Core i5-5200U Ultrabook Processor (2.2-2.7GHz) - 2GB Dedicated nVIDIA GeForce GT 940m - 6GB Total...
  3. D

    Laptop for Uni

    So I'm heading off to uni in about 6 months and going to be doing aerospace engineering, but I'm about to get a laptop and different people have said different things but thought I'd ask on here to see. I know I'll be using autocad and stuff but I want something not too slow/reasonably fast. I...
  4. KarlKarrlander

    Lenovo Y50 or Asus ROG?

    Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop and I have two in mind. They both cost around $1,000. I'll be doing a bit of everything: gaming, internet browsing, streaming, video editing, blogging etc. Here are the specs: Lenovo Y50: Processor: Intel i7-4710hq 2.5 Ghz Graphics: GeForce GTX 860m 4 GB...
  5. M

    HELP! Looking for the right laptop for casual gaming, good for watching movies and not so pricey

    Help guys! I'm looking for laptop for casual gaming and watching movies. I would like a laptop that is able to play games like Assassins creed, GTAV and the likes without any problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! these are the minimum specs that I need, hope anyone of you...