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  1. matthewt0581

    Solved! Laptop for Architecture Student

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and am looking for a laptop for my undergraduate degree at an architecture school this fall. These are the minimum recommendations from my college: 2.2 GHz or better (before Turbo Boost) Intel Core i7 processor 16 GB RAM 250 GB hard drive SSD Some programs I may...
  2. T

    1st Intel Meldown / Spectre free processors, when? And gtx 1150 Nvidia?

    Salute   I searched myself but I am completely lost ... I would like to know when do you think that the first Intel processors without Meltdown/Spectre bug will come out... (?) And also when the next Nvidia chip that will replace the GTX 1050, like the 1150 ...   (Otherwise if someone know if...
  3. H

    Solved! Are these dead or stuck pixels?

    I bought this Spectre x360 13.3 5 days ago so I can return but since i bought from HP website so the return would be more of a hassle than returning to bestbuy. Anyone have experience in returning HP orders, do you pay shipping, etc.?
  4. T

    Need help buying an ultrabook-type laptop for travelling

    Hi all, need some help from people who know more than me about laptops! Basically I'm going travelling abroad and looking to replace my ageing laptop. I'm not quite going backpacking or anything but I *do* need a laptop that's very portable and has good battery life. So a sturdy build is pretty...