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  1. B

    windows 10 windows host process (rundll32)

    HI! the rundll32 has been using 33% (average) cpu speed. It seems unusual, someone explain for me? THank you!!! It's been doing this for about an hour now, halp, thanks! This only occurred once I updated from Windows 10 1511 to 1607 (anniversary update).
  2. PNika

    Not able to upgrade the Broadband speed

    I have a BSNL Broadband connection of Rs 2645 per month at my home. Usually my FUP data limit crossed the threshold around 25 of every month. I tried to restore the internet speed by online TOP UP, but at last stage the process get halted due to some technical issues.If somebody has faced the...
  3. B

    Internet Speed Connection

    I'm using the app pdanet+ for android and the PC client obviously on my PC, when I speed test my connection it says I have 20.30mb download and 2.83mb upload in my PC. I made a bridge with an ethernet to my PS4 and when I speed test my PS4 it says I have 145kb download and 134kb upload. Is there...