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  1. G

    Is the 8th-gen i7-8550U sufficient for music production?

    For music production, is the i7-8550U's base clock speed of 1.8GHz made up for by having a 4.0GHz turbo speed, 8MB cache, and 8 threads capability? Can it handle most music production software and demands? I've been searching everywhere and not a found proper answer to this. For me, the...
  2. H

    Torrent speed slow on a certain device but fast on others.

    I have 2 PC's at home with bit torrent. With exactly the same settings and same download the one does 50kb/s and the other 800kb/s Notes: Normal direct downloads and steam updates are fast and the same speed on both. The MSI Z97 GAMING 5 has a killer lan adapter could that be the issue? Thank you
  3. A

    Customized for Trading

    Hello everybody , What are the best sources or seller for customized laptop for trading which mainly depends on speed . Best regards
  4. S

    DDR4 RAm speed for VR

    Hi, Is the RAM speed important for a VR capable machine? I'm looking at the following to upgrade my system Intel i7-8700 GTX1080 16GB RAM Samsung 960 250GB SSD Thanks
  5. M

    Solved! Cpu on high speed when idle and low speed when high load

    I have an acer E5-476G with I5 8250U & 130MX version. I have latest bios & driver installed. I've done many stress test and i realize my cpu is underclocked from 3.4ghz in idle to max ~2.1ghz under heavy load. When I'm under gaming session, my cpu goes to ~0.8ghz. I've done setting up power...
  6. Mosteeze

    Solved! DELL Inspiron 7577 - EXTREME FAN NOISE

    Ok so I got my Inspiron 7577 at the beginning of December, thought I'd test it out immediately by loading up CS-GO. Straight away it felt like it was breaking the sound barrier. I've put up with it since but now it's too much to handle. I produce music most of the day, I also record vocals via...
  7. S

    Speed Up Activities Using An Automator on MacBook Pro

    Apple’s Automator App for Mac is a very useful tool that can help you speed up activities. Even if you don’t know anything about programming, there are built-in functions that can help you create a workflow. The drag and drop interface feature of the Automator makes programming these tasks for...
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    How to Speed Up MacBook Pro

    Your MacBook Pro may become sluggish over time and there can be several reasons behind this. Luckily, there are some ways you can speed up its performance, and make it work like new. Here’s how: Close Unnecessary Programs Many programs that you don’t use much may continue to run in the...
  9. G

    Seeking Advice For New Laptop

    Based on suggestion, revising post to reflect updated information. I've had pc towers my whole life. I own/run two websites... looking for a laptop to replace my current rig. 1. Budget: Can go up to 3K... perhaps a little more for the right setup 2. Screen-Size: 15" & Higher 3. Screen...
  10. I

    Does base clock speed matter?

    The CPU I am looking at is an i5-8250u but I noticed the clock speed is 1.6-3.4 Will the base clock speed affect performance? I don't really understand how it all works. Thanks in advance
  11. K

    Need Serious Help With Recording Software

    So here are my specs to start things off. Cpu- ryzen 5 1600x Gpu - gtx 1050 ti Ram - 16 gb 2133 mhz ddr4 mobo - Msi b350 Tomahawk I have 2 hardrives an internal and an external for recordings. I've used just about any recording software you can think of OBS, Shadowplay, Action, PlayClaw...
  12. A

    Solved! Looking for a Laptop with good construction (no hinge issues), audio, and portability, form filled out

    1. What is your budget? $1000 or less 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" Screen 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920 x 1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable, I am a student and I take it everywhere 5. How much battery...
  13. 9

    Solved! howto inc the booting speed in lenovo ideapad 310

    when i turn my laptop on it works very slow and it is a new laptop.So i am worried about the problem .Please help me with this
  14. K

    Is my hard drive ok?

    Is an avg of 3.MB/S read speed and 800KB/S write speed a normal healthy speed for a hard drive? I heard that hard drives normally have around 50MB/s write and read or maybe I'm mistaken.
  15. J

    my internet speed is good,,intrnet is working when i connect my laptop with data cable but whenever i switch to wireless conne

    my internet speed is good,,intrnet is working when i connect my laptop with data cable but whenever i switch to wireless connection it works for 2-3min and after that no net comes
  16. D

    Performance difference due to clock speed difference on the GTX 1050 and 1050ti laptops.

    Does the difference between the clocks of the 1050 and 1050ti have a big impact on gaming? (1683 (1050) vs 1721 (1050ti) mhz)
  17. O

    Do I sacrifice slow internet speed for better security?

    I don't know what alternative I have after I signed up for Internet, TV, and voice with Comcast, because there are limited choices in terms of modems I have to pick from as far as standalone eMTA modems. They have very slow download speed and are older generation devices. There are a limited...
  18. J

    Speed Skater - An Old Android App that I liked

    I am unable to download Speed Skater app on https://downloads.tomsguide.com/Speed-Skater,0301-38456.html -- please provide site to dowload that is not Google Play Store. This is an old app that is no longer in the plat store.
  19. S

    High speed data not working and keeps getting worse

    The last few weeks or so I'm not getting high speed data in places I've always got it before. Is this a problem with my phone and will factory reset help to fix this problem?
  20. G

    Internet Throttling: What Is It and What You Can Do About It

    Here's how to tell if your ISP is limiting your feed, and how to binge your way out of it. Internet Throttling: What Is It and What You Can Do About It : Read more
  21. E

    Any way to speed up Lenovo Flex 15D, or just replace?

    Bought our daughter a Lenovo Flex 15D about 2-3 years ago. AMD A4 processor, not sure if there is 4 or 8GB of RAM, but there is a 256GB SSD. Having a hard time finding any other specs. She's finishing her senior year of high school and looking at colleges, and like all 17 year olds, thinks she...
  22. G

    What Is Gig-Speed Internet?

    Get up to speed on the best thing to happen to high-speed internet service. What Is Gig-Speed Internet? : Read more
  23. P

    how to control fanspeed in vostro 3458

    fan runs in maximum speed lthough cpu usage is normal.how to fix it in dell vostro 3458?
  24. J

    Annoying new tab redirects and speed dial openings

    I use both Opera and Google Chrome on windows 10, and recently (February 8th) both browsers started acting funny. With Opera, it constantly opens speed dial tabs at random and with Chrome, I'm constantly getting redirected to the new tab page on whatever existing tab I'm on. I've tried...
  25. S

    Adobe PS and Lightrom as it relates to speed & CPU cores

    For anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop CC and/or Lightroom (Classic) CC, can anyone comment on the differences (if any) they experienced going from a quad core to something more (6 cores+)? I'm considering a new build for photo editing and considering either getting an i5 7600 (for core clock...
  26. P

    Solved! In my system internet slow down suddenly, so far coming it with good speed, now it is slow down. Vega2020

    In my system internet is slow down suddenly today, so far it is came with good speed, now it is slow down. I have recharged now for net balance in Jiofi. And I have clean my system for temp files, pref etch and recent files. Now system internet is slow
  27. S

    only a scale, doesnt show dpi

    the pointer speed is only a scale, it doesnt actually show the dpi. I play Players unknown battlegrounds, and a lot of pros use 990 DPI, and i want to get exactly that. where can i set that exact number? Thanks!
  28. C

    Disparity in speed between laptop, ipad and iphone

    I just recently had Virgin Media 200MB Super Fast Fibre installed. The engineer who installed tested download speed with speedtest on his iphone and it was showing 195-200Mbps. I have tested using same site/app on my iPad and its showing 130Mbps. When I test with my laptop I'm getting 50-60...
  29. J

    How to speed up my notebook?

    Hello, Today i got a notebook from my uncle.It's a samsung n120.When i started it up,it was working well.I managed to install some games like cs 1.6, gta vice city, gta 3 etc etcand they run somewhere slow.But when windows 10 fall creators update appeared and i have install in,it became...
  30. L

    processor slows to .5GHz

    Hello all, My Dell laptop will all of a sudden slow to .5GHz for no apparent reason. I can reboot and it does not clear it. I have to remove the battery and disconnect and wait 15 minutes and then boot wihtout the battery. It then clears and I can put the battery back in and it will not get...
  31. F

    Solved! 3 pins fans run at full speed all the time

    Hi,i facing a problems that my laptop fans is running a full speed at the time. i don't know how to set the fan to run at automatic speed. It is a 3 pin fan, and my laptop model is MSI CX61 2PF.
  32. L

    Moonlight running better on LTE than WIFI

    What the title says. Today I installed Moonlight on my Galaxy S7.. it ran extremely sluttery on my local WIFI (Tho with ethernet cable PC reaches stable 50 up 30 down). Decided to try it on my phone's LTE network and I got significantly better results. Still I doubt I can stream 1080p 60hz but...
  33. P

    Please help me decide between two similiar laptops

    Hey community. Here’s my dillema. I have two laptops I am considering buying with virtually the same specs: - Dell Inspiron 5577 for $813 - HP pavilion power 15 for $980 Both are from amazon (here are links): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XFGF7SN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_YRwzAb87HJNE5...
  34. N

    ASUS A53U processor boost

    Can I boost the speed on my laptop. Can,t enjoy the internet.
  35. A

    Sony Vegas 15 Speed???

    why is my sony vegas 15 rendering a 10 minute video on 4 hours!??! i just sped it up and added music in the background (like timelapses) but still! i render at 1080p60 or 1080p50 Help
  36. B

    Laptop Wifi Internet Run Very Slow

    Greeting to Everyone Recently, my laptop had been having the problem with wifi connecting. it's run really slow while the other device internet run very fast. And I try to test internet speed on my laptop via wifi connection is about 3Mbps, other devices get very fast speed 30Mbps speed test...
  37. K

    Hi, I have Toshiba tecra r850 with following specs. 500gb hdh........ 8gb Ram......... 2.5Ghz processor speed.......

    Hi, I have Toshiba tecra r850 with following specs. Core i5 500gb hard disk........ 8gb Ram......... 2.5Ghz processor speed....... Can I upgrade the graphics to Intel HD 4000?
  38. P

    Dell xps 13 9360 cpu max speed not as advertised?

    Hey! I just bought the dell xps 13 9360 (8th gen) for christmas. It looks stunning however I noticed that on task manager it says the cpu max speed is only 1.8ghz where as it says on the website it should be up to 3.4ghz. Am I reading something wrong?? I have also been getting very very loud...
  39. Rafael Mestdag

    Do Windows Server versions boost internet speed and stability?

    And also, are Windows server versions like 2016 like stripped versions of normal desktop Windows? Is that why they feel so much faster in general?
  40. B

    Internet speed please help

    I have the plan with 1gpbs but my download speed is at 200mpbs and upload 400mpbs thats what speedtest gets but when i download something it goes at 3mpbs or on steam 10mpbs why?
  41. M

    Youtube slows down internet speed by more than 90%

    Hi, I was just downloading something from Netflix with my WiFi, when i noticed that playing a YT video slows down the internet speed from 25-10 Mb/s to 2 Mb/s- 200Kbit/s. That makes youtube too slow to use and the netflix download would take hours. Is that normal?
  42. R

    CPU Speed Stuck. probably not software related - Please help if you can

    Hello, i'm robert and i need your help to solve an issue i face with my laptop. Please help if you can As the title says, my cpu speed is stuck at 0.77Ghz, it always stay like that even in the most needed/stressed situations. Here are the specs - Toshiba Satellite L755 S5349 - CPU Intel...
  43. A

    Laptops of good configuration available in UK than in India

    I want to buy a windows laptop. Details are listed below 1. Budget: Less than 600 pounds. 2. Size: 15 inches or less 3. Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768 4. Portable laptop 5. Battery life: More than 8 hours  6. Don’t want to play any games on laptop 7. I will use Photoshop...
  44. J

    turntable drags every couple of seconds

    I have a pl 203az turntable that has the speed indicator broken inside the assembly and will not allow me to adjust the speed indicator, It still played fine but lately it drags every few seconds when I play it. Is this possibly the issue I am having? Not sure if the belt may also be the...
  45. V

    how to speed up my keyboard

    I cANNOTt get my keyboard to hardly type. I have new batteries in it and the keyboard is brand new. I am very aggravated with this problem. I just cannot find the right solution to fix this. Please help.
  46. E

    Is it a good idea to buy a 1930's Electrohome tube radio and record player?

    The seller states that it is a three speed record player and the tube radio still works. I am just wondering if this would be a good purchase? I have a crosley record player which I am looking to get rid off as I have some very old collectible records that I would like to play but also keep in...
  47. W

    MSI Mystic Light - No Speed control (not working)

    I have a Z370 MSI Pro Gaming Carbon mobo. When I select the rainbow animation, but I think its cycle waaayy too fast I cannot control it's speed. Mystic Light has a slider called "Light Speed" but it does not react to any kind of click (L,R & Mid) It would be nice if someone could help me :) thx!
  48. M

    Android tablet wifi connection is erratic

    Asus android tablet connects to wifi at different random speeds. What can I do to stabilize the connection for optimum speed? My cellphone connects at the top speed everytime so I don't think the router is the issue. I've tried all of the common fixes like power off, rebooting, clearing cache...
  49. Ferrariassassin

    Does or has anyone used GIMP? Mine takes 2-3 mintues to load even though i have it on a 960 EVO M.2.

    My read speed is 2,000MB/s and Write is 1,700MB/s from when i tested it yet GIMP takes forever to load but its the ONLY program that takes long to load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it over 20 times and it does nothing. I use GIMP daily and also Photoshop but GIMP is so annoying where it...
  50. C

    Internet Speed High BUT Downloads slow?

    Hi! I have a 1Gbps connection, but when i download torrents(with a good seed ratio) it's only around 8-10 MiB/s and when i seed it's around 3,5Mib. I've optimized deluge(torrent client) using a techsupportaler guide i found. Should i expect more? And if so what should i do to make it faster so i...
  51. H

    Attempting to add data to a Verizon account. I'm on moto. Verizon.com no help. Any Ideas anyone? OR ADVICE?

    What else can I say. HELP... SLOW SPEED A DATAMARE!
  52. H

    Dell Xps l702x wireless speed problems after factory reset

    Hi!I have kind of the same problem...i just did a factory reset and now the speed is terrible..im not kinda of good with these?
  53. I

    Speed up the key on my MacBook Air

    I am trying to type on my MacBook Air I have to press each key to three times and it still is not working
  54. B

    my mobile is samsung gt-s7262 galaxy star pro but speed is 2g and how can i change the speed to 3g

    My mobile is samsung gt-s7262 galaxy star pro and am using the Airtel sim its 3g speed but my speed is only 2g how can i change my 2g speed to 3g speed
  55. A

    i have a 4 gb nvidia 940 mx gui but when i play any game the screen gets lag and it get solved as soon as i connect the charge

    I'm playing need for speed most wanted and sometimes when I run the game the laptop screen experience some lag, but the lag gets solved and the game works perfectly fine as soon as I connect the charger.
  56. Graybush

    The Tom's Guide Sizzling Speed Galaxy S8 Giveaway!

    The Tom’s Guide Community Team is proud to announce a summer giveaway for the Samsung Galaxy S8! This summer giveaway is our way of saying thanks to you, the proud members of our growing Tom’s Guide Community. With a huge range of members of all levels of expertise, we are the vanguard of tech...
  57. H

    need help concerning cpu temp plz

    So I have a 950m, 2.7ghz dual core laptop, but only when i play pubg(720p low) the real temp app records a "log" in one of the cores after a while of playing, which means the max temp has reached at some point and the cpu have lowered its speed, which causes the game to drop fps from 60 all the...
  58. bobmanuk

    Laptop Core speed drop when on charge

    Good Evening All, I have a Lenovo Yoga 500-14ibd core i3 cpu @ 2GHz, 4gb ram 500gb ssd. when not charging the CPU sits at 1995MHz, however, when plugged in the speed drops to 500MHz, this is unusable. Showing people, they dont believe that trying to watch a 720p video on youtube when plugged...