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    I get an error when I open Microsoft Sql Server 2008 R2 on Windows 2008 Server Standard SP2.

    I have just uninstalled SQl Server 2008 due to error when I saved a Maintenance Plan. Then I reinstalled SQL 2008 Server R2 on this Server but I get the error when I open it. Please I will appreciate very much your help with this issue!
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    Login failed for user 'sa'

    I'm in the process of converting an old sql server at work. We need to keep the data for 7+ years by law. I'm doing this by using vmware esxi and it worked perfectly other than for the limited disk space ( ~36GBs of space left). The problem however is we found out we can't access the databases...
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    SQL SERVER: Login Failed

    Can someone help me? This error came out and I have run out of idea. I already try to repair Microsoft Net Framework, established SQL Server Connection to the PC. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************...
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    How to take user input of one form and assign it to a variable in another form in java?

    i have a textfield to get user input in my form 1.i want to get the text user inputs into that textfield from that form and assign it to a variable in form2. is this possible?
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    is it this processors are supported for visual studio and sql server software installation

    ->Intel Celeron Processor N2830 ->Intel Pentium Processor N3540 ->AMD Dual-Core A4-Series ->Intel Celeron Processor N2930 ->Intel Celeron Processor 847 ->Intel Celeron Processor 1000M ->AMD Dual Core E1-Series is it this processors are supported to install visual studio and sql server
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    unwanted deleted rows from database

    Hi, I deleted by accident 28 row from SQL server 2005 database (via SQL Management Studio Express) from table ParameterDefinition with columns (Id, Name, PluginId, Description, DefaultValue). My command was: delete from ParameterDefinition where Name = 'RateOfVat'. I only wanted to delete one...
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    Rows in the Access table have no previous data.

    I am working with Access database and the database table got a terrible corruption. I don’t know how does it happen and I am frightened that I made something wrong..Ok, the matter is: When I try to make anything with records in the file, I mean insert, update and so on and so forth..then I can...
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    Wanna buy laptop

    Hi, I am looking for some professional and robust laptop, basically I want to install visual studio 2013(very heavy software), sql server and many more supportive softwares. I am looking for best configuration atleast for 4 years. Please suggest. Thanks.
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    sql server 2012 install problem

    Hi. Was wondering if anyone can help. I am trying to install sql server onto a win 7 vm. When I run the sql server setup all looks good (even the system check says hw specs are fine), but i get an error message "no room available to display rows". Any ideas how to get around this problem. Thanks...
  10. J

    SQL Server Index

    I wan to know how to create index in table and also the purpose of index concept in sql server database.Please give me solution.
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    Difficulty with SQL Server 2008

    Not sure if this is the right forum but I am running out of ideas. I am trying to install SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. I get this error. I am taking a class and I need SQL Server 2008 installed for it. I am running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. C Drive is a SSD drive and D is my HDD. I have...
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    Did SQL server needs more Clock speed or multi cores

    Hi I am going upgrade my pc, and i mostly use SQL server 2010 and Visual studio .So can u tell me ,did these software's use multi cores efficiently and did i need to choose CPU's with more clock speed. Which CPU can be better for these work from these , AMD phenom II x4 980 BE AMD APU...
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    Netbook, MS visual studio, Ms SQL server

    Is it possible to install and run MS visual studio 2008/2010 and Ms SQL server 2005/2008 on any Netbook which has Atom processor? If yes, which Netbook brand and model do you suggest? If no, suggest me a good 14’’ Notebook. Hurry up please.
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    First generation

    hello is there is 64 bit hardware comptibility in first generation mean can i install microsoft share point on first generation or can i instal microsoft sql server R2 on first generation
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    Sql server text insert

    how to do insert text into database and it looks like what i inserted i mean lets say i insert this : <p> <strong> strong text <em> strong and emphasised text </strong> just emphasised text </em> </p> and i want to...
  16. fab954fab305

    SQL Server

    What is the difference and/or limitation of the sql server academic vs. standard license? Specifically for small business use?
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    What if i install x64 SQL server 2008 in my vista.

    hi i am using vista ultimate.. i dont know its platform i am also using ms visual studio 2008.. my question is SQL server 2008 x64 will work on my system or not or it will show any error at time of execution?? if anybody have answer please reply me on my email: soni.snehal@hotmail.com
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    Can anyone help installing that update (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3 (KB955706)