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  1. Beunhaas13

    Solved! Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot

    My Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot up. Screen stays black. I've tried booting without the battery and without SSD. Same problem. The power on/off button doens't seem to work right either. Any tips? What should I check next to find out what's broken?
  2. F

    Question Windows 10 Tablet stuck at Startup Repair

    I've got an RCA (Cambio W101SA23T1) 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet and a few days back I powered it to just to be taken to the Startup Repair screen. It's asking for my password and because I've always been logging in using the PIN (I've forgotten my password) Selecting the Forgot Password option...
  3. doantientai94

    Solved! Thinkpad t430 power button turning off and back on by itself when booting

    Hi guys, My laptop (Thinkpad t430) power button is acting so strangely. When I press the power button, it lights up then off immediately, and after about 3 second it starts to boot the system. I recorded a short video of the problem: I don't know...
  4. E

    Solved! Lenovo G50-45 Laptop startup BSOD Critical Process Died

    Hey everyone. Earlier yesterday I ran System Restore to bring my laptop back to an earlier state due to a display issue. Everything was back normal and working fine until an abrupt shutdown shutdown on my part. I rebooted my laptop and the Lenovo loading screen showed up as normal. Then the...
  5. J

    Solved! Lenovo stays black when powering on

    I have a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 running Windows. It's done this for a while; after not using it for at least a few hours the back light will come on but the screen will stay black. In the past, pressing the power button to turn it off, waiting a few seconds and pressing the power button again has...
  6. P

    Solved! Laptop strange black screen issue

    My laptop runs great as long as it is plugged in, and left on or in sleep mode. If it gets turned off or unplugged it will not turn back on normally. It used to take 15 minutes up to few hours before the Lenovo logo came on, now it’s stuck on black screen for two days. There is a single BIOS...
  7. P

    Acer E5-571 black screen on startup after attempting ram & ssd upgrade

    Recently, I bought 2 8GB Kingston RAM sticks and a Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD and replaced them with the existing parts in my laptop. After this upgrade I'm able to turn on the laptop, but I get no screen input. The laptop fan runs for a couple seconds and I'm able to open the dvd drive, but...
  8. A

    HP G61-429WM Issue

    I have owned this laptop for around nearly 5 years, though it has been having heating problems which resulted into the laptop overheating at times, but never anymore and gets really hot. P.S It burnt my leg one time too. So, I thought that maybe the fan was clogged since I could hear it still...