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  1. Chrissygirl84

    Question Help me. Verizon Contract switch to prepaid

    Hello, I have an iPhone 7, currently with Verizon but phone is not paid off. Service has been shut off for a few months. I can only use my phone on WiFi. I do not have service at all with Verizon. Can I just buy a new SIM card from Straight Talk, Talknow or Boost and have service? I’m afraid if...
  2. I

    can any unlocked samsung galaxy phone be used on straight talk

    unlocked phones I have a note 4 on straight talk I want to upgrade. can I buy an unlocked galaxy note 8 and use same card
  3. A

    S5 Verizon phone, with a At&t Straight Talk Sim, Coverage is Great

    I have an S5 Verison phone, with an At&t Straight Talk Sim in it, I have better service than my husband who has an At&t phone with Straight Talk At&t Sim in it. Question is WHY do I have BETTER service than he does?
  4. PhilipMichaels

    Help Me, Tom's Guide: Should I Switch from MetroPCS to Straight Talk?

    Yes, you can move your phone from MetroPCS' wireless service to Straight Talk's. But is that your best choice? Help Me, Tom's Guide: Should I Switch from MetroPCS to Straight Talk? : Read more
  5. J

    How to i use a new unactivated phone bought from straight talk with another carrier

    I bought a new phone from straight talk just for hte phone off their wevsite and now i cant use it. they haven't activated it although i bought it outright and now i'm being told i can't turn the phone to an active status with ANYONE. I have a sim pin but that's grayed out. What the heck...
  6. H

    can i use the AT&T gsm sim in a Verizon unlocked phone with straight talk, they are saying that becuse it was previously on v

    having problems with iPhone 5s using a Verizon sim card from Straight talk. Changed from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5s model A1533 unlocked Verizon. I have had straight talk and love the price and the connections I have had in the past, but having problems getting this phone to work. I have...
  7. J

    Can I use a brand new Verizon 4G phone on Straight Talk service?

    I am moving to a location that has only Verizon network and no home internet options besides cell phone internet. I am used to unlimited data on my current Boost Mobile plan. Straight Talk is the only service that has a similar unlimited data plan, but all of the phone models are a severe...
  8. T

    Straight Talk Activation Kit with certain phones

    Is there a way to find out if the Samsung ATIV SE 16GB will work with the StraightTalk Activation Kit? I plan on buying the phone already unlocked. It has a SIM card slot and says it is both GSM and CDMA compatible. The cellular band numbers seem to match up, but according to the Straight Talk...
  9. WhiteSnake91

    Can you use Iphone 4 on Straight Talk/Net10 CDMA BYOP plan?

    I deactivated my iphone 4 with Verizon prepaid because I want something with unlimited data, their plan cost the same as ST/Net10's but only has 500mb data. It has a clean ESN too. When I enter in the serial number on both ST and Net10's website to verify the phone will work with their CDMA BYOP...
  10. D

    my unlocked verizon phone has not activated under straight talk

    I got Verizon to unlock my iPhone 43 (model 1387), we inserted a micro sim that we ordered from Straight Talk (i think it is an AT&T carrier one, not sure), called straight talk to activate the micro sim and phone account, etc.. now the phone won't work. It keeps saying it needs to be activated...
  11. D

    Verizon phones and straighttalk

    Which verizon cdma phones can you bring to straight talk with the bring your own phone program?