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  1. JonathanDQT

    Solved! Connecting Logitech MX Sound 2.0 to subwoofer

    Hello. I've got a pair of self-powered Logitech MX Sound 2.0 front speakers with my desktop PC using the following layout: LEFT SPEAKER -- aux -- RIGHT SPEAKER -- aux -- FRONT OUTPUT (PC). Now I want to connect a powered subwoofer, the Deltaco DTC 310B, originally from a different 2.1 set, to...
  2. K

    Question Sudden buzz from subwoofer

    Hi all: Not sure if if my sub is about to croak, but while playing music, it occasionally emits this harsh buzzzzzz for about a second or two. Other than this strange behavior, it sounds and works fine. Connected directly to my receiver with a RCA monster cable. Never had a problem with...
  3. S

    Solved! Extremly weird subwoofer problem

    So when I turn on my subwoofer it’s from episode the only identifier I found was (es-sub-ele10-200) and play anything with bass especially at low volume it sounds like it scraping and it makes a whole lot of extremly weird noises and makes a huge amount of resistance on the cone yet as soon as...
  4. L

    Question How do you add a second sub woofer

    My father in law wants to add a second sub woofer to his Sanyo sound bar model # FWSB426F is this possible
  5. K

    How to make this setup work

    Not sure if I'll be getting lambasted for posting this but I'll try nonetheless. Just curious as to how I could go about setting/combining these units to produce a cohesive sound. If this is inappropriate, any suggestions as to where I could take my sorry a** and find the answer would be...
  6. M

    Solved! Can I hookup this sub woofer to my receiver

    Is it possible to hookup the Z313 subwoofer to my receiver. Heres a picutre of my Subwoofer And heres a pic of my receiver...
  7. N

    Sub woofer driver with 2 plus and minus terminals. HELP!

    So my driver in my sub woofer decided to crap out on me during halloween, so I started looking for a new drive (here it is: I don't have that much...
  8. D

    Need suggestion for amplifier!!!

    OK, so i have TWO regular speakers and a sub woofer, i bought a LP-838 amp which supposedly had a "super bass" or sub woofer output on it, also i have 2 of them due to postage errors. problem is, it is the worst amp ever and the sub woofer port does not work so really I'm just looking for the...
  9. G

    Can I Frankenstein a system together?

    I've gone to the "experts" and they come back with systems in the thousands of $$$$! I'm overwhelmed with all the research and just ready for some real world advise. I've got a small yoga studio, about 25' wide x 80' long. I've got some donated speakers and a powered sub-woofer so if I can use...
  10. E

    Pioneer SW 8MK2 Sub-Woofer Not Working

    I received a SW 8MK2 Pioneer sub-woofer for Christmas this year. However, it does not always work. I have a Razer Tiamat 2 and Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II speakers attached as well, both work properly so far as I can tell. PC specifications: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA Z97N-Wifi CPU: Intel...
  11. K

    Center and Sub-Woofer won't work together.

    In Realtek HD Audio Manager all the speakers of my 5.1 setup work during the test, but when listening to music or movies, the center speaker works but the sub-woofer won't. If I swap center/sub-woofer output in the manager then the sub woofer works while the center doesnt. I have the latest...
  12. P

    Sub only playing during sound test?

    My setup is: Monitors > presonus hp4 > audiofire 4 (outputs 1&2) > pc Sub > audiofire 4 (outputs 3&4) > pc The speakers can play sound fine, but no sound comes from the sub. During a sound test in the control panel the sub does play, but doesn't do anything when playing music. I tried setting...
  13. A

    Why won't my 2000w sub amp power a 1000w max peak car sub?

    ***UPDATED 2:30 PM 12/23/13*** (If you have already read the article, just look for the stars to view updated information) [Blue colored words are responses to responders so all new coming people may be caught up on important information without going through all the comments] I recently...