Can I Frankenstein a system together?


Mar 4, 2016
I've gone to the "experts" and they come back with systems in the thousands of $$$$! I'm overwhelmed with all the research and just ready for some real world advise.

I've got a small yoga studio, about 25' wide x 80' long. I've got some donated speakers and a powered sub-woofer so if I can use that that would be great. I'm willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks if I have to. I'm thinking I can start with a new tuner/amp/whatever and do speakers if I need to?

Music is streamed from my phone/iPad so if I could do that wireless, my life would be easier.
I've got 2 Bose bookshelf speakers rated 10-120w/ch, 8ohms, IEC power 60w/ch and a Sony powered subwoofer that was part of my home theater. I'm not seeing any info on it but the system was over $1200 new so I'm thinking it's not a total POS.

So... yoga studio - the music needs to be quiet and is moody new-agey for the most part. But I do have a couple of classes where I play heavy metal and rock, although it's not turned up loud. There's also some low frequency binaural stuff.

So what should I use to power these speakers? Do I need to start from scratch and if so with what?
The "experts" are so called because they usually know what they are talking about. 25'x80' (2000 square feet) is not your family room where off-the-shelf 5.1 system is more than enough. You can't use two (even four) powerful speakers hoping that sound picture will be the same throughout the room.

In-ceiling speakers probably will be the best. When you think about your bookshelf speakers, think about how you will run wires to them - this will be ugly, and dangerous (what if someone trips over a wire, and the speakers falls over him/her)?
Yup, not a whole lot of choices with that kind of dough, best if you can drive at least 4 speakers simultaneously to fill up that space. Hey lots of gyms use boom boxes, you just want people to work out at the rhym of the music, not a concert hall.


Mar 4, 2016
Thanks for your input! I've been to a lot of studios running only two speakers in a lot bigger space. I'm running the two speakers now and it really is plenty. Given the long skinny-ness of the space and the way the students are oriented I don't need to get too cute with creating a theater experience, which is what the "experts" were trying to talk me into.

The speaker wire is already run through the walls and there's power nearby if I decide to do powered speakers.

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