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  1. A

    Trying to get captions to work on video streamed from network media server to smart tv

    I bought a Samsung UN55MU6290FXZA smart tv a few months ago and love it. However, I stream a lot of movies and shows from my home network media server (just using Windows 10 Media Player) straight to the tv, and the only file format that displays captions or subtitles is .mkv. No .mp4 or .avi...
  2. F

    Need help with .srt subtitle file format?

    I have downloaded a srt file and edited it so only the foreign parts will show. I played the movie with the original srt file, it played everything fine. After editing I tried watching movie to see if subtitles would work. It showed 73 00:05:32,000 --> 00:05:33,100 Honey, I'm home. 86 then...
  3. Spiritos

    Subtitles not working (a more complex question than meets the eye)

    I have 2 instances of adding subtitles (.srt) to a movie where it doesn't work and makes no sense at all. I'll say I'm comfortable with editting subtitles using several 3rd party software and have done this hundreds of times but with these 2 movies I'm clueless as to why it doesn't work. With...
  4. S

    idx file settings not working on standalone media player but work on computer

    My idx file settings are not working on my "Asus O!Play Mini" media player but are working on my computer in Media Player Classic and VLC. I have an IDX+SUB file. It does in fact show the video with subtitles but they are on the very bottom and somewhat cut off when I play it on the O!Play Mini...