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    What mobile CPU would run dolphin and Maya?

    I have an engineering class where we have to use CAD products and Maya. I want to run the dolphin emulator for.... ya know... games. I have to be able to code java and run maya at max. Could a i5 4200u (surface pro 2). I like to play SOME games that are intensive but I highly doubt I would be...
  2. B

    looking for a hybrid laptop/tablet for 3D modeling and engineering softwares

    i am university student and need my device to be highly portable. but i am confused to buy between ultrabook or laptop or hybrid devices. i have my eyes on vaio flip/vaio duo 13 and surface pro 2...can you help to decide. i have to run 3D CAD modeling like ProENGINEER, CREO, AutoCAD and MathCAD...