looking for a hybrid laptop/tablet for 3D modeling and engineering softwares


Nov 27, 2013
i am university student and need my device to be highly portable. but i am confused to buy between ultrabook or laptop or hybrid devices. i have my eyes on vaio flip/vaio duo 13 and surface pro 2...can you help to decide. i have to run 3D CAD modeling like ProENGINEER, CREO, AutoCAD and MathCAD as well. will they run smooth in these devices ?? they say to have only 2 cores and my college has quad core devices to run them. and even in them very rarely these programme freezes while i am assembling large 3D files. those desktop are Quadcore i7vpro; 2GB graphics and 4 GB RAM desktop in my college....i don't play pc games so i basically need my new device for my 3D works and office and surfing the net. so what should i buy (among these three i like surface most for its portability and tablet like aspect)...??


Feb 22, 2008
It really comes down to personal taste. For portable device, ultrabook and hybrid device has the upper hand since it uses SSD instead of mechanical drive, which reduces the risk of damaging your device when bringing your device around and lighter.

I haven't use a hybrid device before so I am not sure about the durability on the monitor

Laptop is sufficiently cheaper with similar spec and unlike ultrabook and hybrid device, you can upgrade your ram and battery, but heavier. So, they all have pro and con.
I don't think any tablet / convertible laptop has the graphics hardware required for nice 3D experience. Very few desktop graphic cards come optimized for OpenGL (with gamers being the priority), and I don't think tablet manufactures care about OpenGL either.

I would check minimum hardware requirements of these packages, and probably ask the question in their support forums.


Feb 3, 2015
Well,i think i 'm in the same boat.I am looking for a hybrid laptop-tablet for drawing,sketching,digital art but also for writing essays and doing university homework.I was thinking of microsoft surface pro(1 or 2),beacause it is said to be the best for digital art.However,they are no longer available in my country(at least for now),and the 3 one is too expensive.I saw the hybrids Acer Switch 10 and Dell Inspiron 11 3147.However i cant figure out if they are suitable for digital art!check them out and let me know!