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  1. phi303

    Subwoofer: nothing plugged in, has this permanent humming

    So I came home to my sub making this humming noise. I unplugged everything and the sub continues to hum. It does get a little louder as I adjust the knob but only after a certain threshold. Not entirely sure what's going on here, quite possibly there was a surge when I was at home (that's what...
  2. G

    Solved! Connecting tv hdmi to device causes building wireing fault light to go out on surge protector and apc ups.

    Ok i was trying to figure out why my building wiring fault light is on,i know. That the house we live in was made back in the 1950's and that some outlets were replaced with. With 3 prong recepticalls but never grounded by previous owners as my mom says that it would cost in the 1000's to rewire...
  3. A

    Solved! does fried hdmi mean TV is going to die?

    Hi there :) .. well I'll tell you it's like banging my head against a brick wall as far as conversations with my spouse :( We live in Florida so of course lots of thunderstorms.. asked my wife for permission to have an electrician install a whole house surge protector, she said no...
  4. D

    Solved! Audio/Video Issues Near Powerstip

    Hello! First, a little context. At my desk, I have a monitor, MacBook hooked up to said monitor, a dock for my phone, a small charging station, speakers (including a subwoofer below), a (wireless) Magic Keyboard (this has aluminum on it), a Google Home Mini, and some electronic devices. Under...
  5. Computers Taste Like Metal

    Surge protector for gaming PC

    I have a gaming PC that has an EVGA P2 750 watt powersupply and recently my surge protector has gone bad. I want to order one online and want to know what to buy. I've seen a few nicely reviewed 30 dollar tripp-lite surge protectors... will that be good for a gaming PC?
  6. C

    Dell Charger Issues

    Hi. I recently purchased a Dell Inspirion 15 i5779, and it's crappy charger broke. I purchased a DENAQ ac adapter as a replacement. All was well. No errors during startup, charged like it was the original. But, last weekend, I had a friend over and he had his laptop plugged into the same surge...
  7. N

    soldered fuse (television)

    i have a Samsung smart t.v. it went out after a storm. the power cable was plugged into a surge protector but the cable was not. now the power light does not come on. the outlet works I have a different t.v. plugged in there atm. the closest I found to a fuse on what I think is the power supply...
  8. 1shado1

    What May Be An Overly Complicated And Stupid Question

    I have the AC adapters/charging cables for 4 or 5 small electronic devices (including tablets) plugged into a surge protector/powerstrip that has an on/off switch. If I had these various electronics devices plugged into their chargers, but turned off the power to the chargers using the switch...
  9. C

    Speakers buzzing and volume decrease

    So I have had ideas of what is going on with my speakers, but at the same time I don't. I have begun to notice that when idle, my speakers are making and intermittent buzz that lasts anywhere from 2-5 seconds. I have not noticed this with any other devices plugged in. My speakers are powered...
  10. L

    TV doesn't want to work with surge protector

    Our power went out about an hour ago. It came on fifteen minutes ago. The TV would not turn on. Everything else plugged into the surge protector works fine. I plugged the TV into the wall and it works fine. I plug it back into the surge protector and it won't turn on. My thought is the surge...
  11. R

    Can lighting cause a TV to lose picture and still keep sound

    After a lightning storm my TV no longer had a picture but had sound. I had a surge protector but am wondering if the lightning could cause this damage or if it just a coincidence that the picture went out after the storm.
  12. B

    panasonic flat screen plasma

    Electric went out in an electrical storm. Tv now won't come on. It was protected by a surge protector.
  13. M

    Magnavox has a black screen & buzzes - HELP

    My old Magnavox Model# 25TSC6 0101 has a black screen & buzzes (is volume controllable). (SN: 39890674, Purchase Date: 11/13/94) I have it plugged into a surge protector, but we've had a LOT of storms this year. I've heard they can only take so many hits B-4 they no longer work. This did not...
  14. samretired

    Surge Protector question ?

    Is a surge protector necessary for our Lenovo computer?
  15. T

    Surge protector for home theater system

    Hello, I puchased a Bose Cinemate 2 Series theater system and I believe stopped functioning properly, due to a surge from our air conditioning unit that runs off the same breaker. Not sure if it was related but I've noticed surges from this same area over the years. Need suggestions or help...
  16. W

    LG TV problem

    Long story short, came home after some severe weather(coloumbus, oh), noticed a constant, loud sound(like a smoke detector except constant). turns out it was the surge protector. replaced the surge with a new one and now the TV(LG) turns on, gets static(snow), produces sound, and when trying to...
  17. B

    Surge Protector question ?

    We have a UPS attached to our Laptop. Have been shutting it down at night along with the laptop. However, the battery in the UPS gave up the ghost and bought a new one. Seems the best to me to pull the plug out of the socket then nothing can happen to the equipment. However, does this harm the...
  18. Cromat88

    LOGITECH X-530 5.1 popping and crackling problem

    Hey guys Ive got the Logitech X530 5.1 surround system hooked up to my PC and every couple of minutes or when i light or appliance, switch on or off in the house the speakers either make a crackling noise or a loud popping noise or you will barely hear it at all but this has become annoying...
  19. J

    Surge protecors and how many joules are needed

    ihave a vizio 32' lcd tv and want to know what the minimum required surge protector should i use.
  20. G

    Do I need to upgrade my home theater surge protector?

    I have a home theater setup with a 46" HDTV, DVR box, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. On a recent home theater setup visit from Best Buy's Geek Squad, the representative suggested I replace my surge protector. I currently have a Belkin strip that's apparently no longer adequate for my setup. The...
  21. G


    Hello, our area had a lightning storm and the TV, which is on a surge protector popped and seems to have blown out both HDMI plugs. We have an advantage protection plan effective 01-12-2008 thru 01-12-2013. What to do?
  22. J

    Surge Protector

    Hello, I have a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma, a Samsung WS1G Soundbar (Receiver and a sub), a PS3, and a 360. Now, I want to get a good surge protector for it and I do not have a whole lot of knowledge in this area. I would like a good one for the peace of mind, but, I also hear that you can get...
  23. J

    Solved! Surge Protector Help.

    Hello, I have a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma, a Samsung WS1G Soundbar (Receiver and a sub), a PS3, and a 360. Now, I want to get a good surge protector for it and I do not have a whole lot of knowledge in this area. I would like a good one for the peace of mind, but, I also hear that you can get...
  24. MayDay94

    reasonble surge protector for home theatre

    i just got a pioneer 60" plasma (6020 - the non-elite) and it is amazing. since it is expensive, i want to make sure it is protected from electrical surges, but at the same time i don't just want the most expensive surge protector. i will also most likely need to plug in my receiver (hk...
  25. G

    Surge Strip 2.0 - The Powramid

    The decades-old surge strip is getting a face lift with Kreative Power’s six-outlet Powramid. This cone-shaped surge protector has widely spaced outlets and comes with an eight-foot wall cord. Surge Strip 2.0 - The Powramid : Read more
  26. D

    surge protection

    So i just helped my dad pick out his new tv, its a 42 phillips plasma. Anyway he got it from best buy cuz he had a bunch of gift cards, my question is: the best buy guy told us we needed this $120 surge protector that filters the electricity that goes to the tv cuz without it, regular...
  27. G

    Surge Protector Question ?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I just ordered a Samsung 50" DLP HLP5063W.The Circuit City rep recommended an $80 surge protector to even out the fluctuations in current due to other appliances running.Does this sound right or would a standard protector suffice ? Thanks