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    Solved! dvc sub with svc sub

    omg ive seen people asking about hooking up a single voice coil sub with a dual voice coil sub to one channal. I have two jl twelves. One is a w6s3dv4 and a w3 sub with a single voice couil and im hookinfg themnup to an jl 900 hd amp. please somebody point me in the direction to find an answer...
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    Solved! Dvc or Svc...?

    Ok, so this is what I've got and I'm looking to get the best sound quality with a little extra bass. I've currently got two kicker 07cvr124's and a kicker 11dx1000.1 pushing them. My dilemma is the amp is rated @ 1k watts rms @ 2 ohms and I think 550 watts @ 4 ohms. Now with the speakers @ 400...
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    Solved! Run 10 inch dvc and two 10 inch svc. Together

    Run 1o inch dvc and 2b10 inch svc together
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    Solved! so i have skar 1500 wat 1ohm stable amp and i have 1 pioneer 12" svc sub 400 wat i wana add 1 more sub but i wana be able to

    Help please so i have skar 1500 wat 1ohm stable amp and i have 1 pioneer 12" svc sub 400 wat i wana add 1 more sub but i wana be able to
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    Solved! 2svc1dvc load on mono 2ohm amp

    2 dvr 4 ohm an 1 svc 4 ohm to a 2ohm mono
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    Svc with dvc

    I have a mono amp with a dvc speaker and a svc speaker how would I wore them
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    Can I wire 2 4 ohm dvc subs with a svc to a mono amp that's 2 ohm stable

    I have 2 4ohm dvc and 1 4 ohm svc that I want to wire to a 2 ohm stable mono amp. How?
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    How can i hook a dvc sub up with a svc sub?

    Help. I have 2 different subs. One is a dvc. And other is svc. I have a 1 channel monoblock
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    2 ohm dvc & 4 ohm svc to mono amp

    Anyway to wire these up together on a mono amp. Amp can run 4 ohm, 2 ohm and 1 ohm stable. I know the 2 ohm dvc can run 1 ohm or 4 ohm and the svc 4 can stay at 4 ohm. What would the final load be if connected together?
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    How can i wire 1 dvc 8ohm sub to 2 svc 8ohm subs to a mono amp

    How can i wire 1 10"JL dvc 8ohm sub to 2 8"JL svc 8 ohm subs to 4ohms load on a Apline pdx600.1 monoblock amp
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    Can I wire 2 svc to 1 dvc

    1 svc 12 ....1 svc 15 and 1 dvc 12
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    boost lg stylo2. boost gave me codes coz of lousy svc. they dont work. can you help me plz???

    I have 2 nice boost lg stylo 2 phones model # LS775. Boost wont release them because they ae not 1 year old yet! I dont know how to root. or any that technical stuff.Can anybody please help me.. A.W. Thanks!!!!!
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    How do I wire 1 4ohm svc with a 4 ohm dvc to a 4 ohm load

    Have a 4ohm dvc 12 and the other is a 4ohm svc to a 4ohm 2 700 watt lanzar
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    Can I wire 2 4 ohm dvc subs and 1 4 ohm svc sub together and a 2 channel amp

    2 kicker comp vr 4 ohm dvc 12" subs and 1 kenwood KFC-W3011 4 ohm svc 12" sub on a 2 channel autotek 3500 watt amp campatible with 2 and 4 ohm
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    Help wiring subs

    have a orion cobalt 800d mono block it has 2 channels which is the same channel just paralleled out to 2, I have 2 svc 4 ohm 10" subs in one box and a svc 8 ohm 12" sub in another box. What would be the best way to hook all 3 subs up to my mono block amp safely? Or is it even possible to do so?
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    Wiring three subs to mono amp

    I have 2 svc 4ohm 15" Orion's I want to connect doth a single dvc 4ohm alpine. I have an Orion cb700.1m2 amp. My questions are many. But mainly can I wire the dvc to 2ohm and also the 2 15" s.
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    Connecting two different subs to amp

    Car audio subs I have one 2ohm dvc kicker 10 (so 1 ohm or 4 ohm) and one pioneer 12 svc 4ohm sub. And a 1000watt amp that is two ohm stable. So should i run the dvc in series making it 4 ohm and connect that to my 12" in parallel, making a 2 ohm
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    Change dvc to svc

    I have bought a new amp *Starsound Digital CA1 2700 (2700W) Monoblock Amplifier I also have 2 subs 1x 1400w Pioneer Ts-w310s4 12" SVC 1x 1400w Pioneer TS-W310D4 12" DVC Best way to wire these 2 on the amp ? This is in a single cab amarok .  
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    wire 2dvc 4 ohms sub s and 1 svc 4 ohm sub to 1 ohm

    I have 2 dvc subwoofers at 4 ohms and one svc subwoofer at 4 ohms how do I get ohms down to 1
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    TV problem

    I am trying to get a Comcast Digital Converter received in Illinois to work on a Comcast svc in Florida. When connected it shows it is downloading data but when it reaches 100% I get a msg svc has been terminated and contact Comcast. When I remove the device I still have analog svc and limited...
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    Least expensive cell phone service

    Hello, Can you tell me what is the least expensive cell phone svc and yet has some extra's lke getting on a computer. I'm 61 and home all the time so I play with phone alot.